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mardi 15 septembre 2009

Summer Memories N° 3 - lune de miel (2)

In case of interest, the webadresse of the hotel is http://www.chateaudebrecourt.com/

After a wonderful dinner at candlelight with all kind of delicious Normandy food, a nice digestif in the bar and a fantastic sleep by open windows facing out to the park, we woke up by gentle country rain. We had then a fabulous breakfast in the morning before leaving for Monet's garden and house in Giverny. We had been warned, that the place is not big enough for all the visitors and in fact, they compared it to the crowds of Sissinghurst gardens in Kent.

Therefore we arrived early and queued up before it opened and were nearly first to go in. Soon after that, the coaches with plenty of Japanese arrived as Monet is very famous over there.

We were truely stunned by all the impressions.

We visited also the inside of the house and whilst it is forbidden to take photographs, you can see a lot of good photos shot recently and published in this months Art & Décoration. Unpeuloufoque kindly give me the hint and I got the magazine immediately.

This is the view from the top of the steps into the garden

The house garden is not that big but full with flowers of all kinds

Once we had passed through the tunnel under the street (how strange), we arrived at the stream.

We just followed the path - as everybody - and then arrived at this spot: The famous waterlily pond at a first glance!

...moving on...

One can wander round and round....

The light was fanatastic that day and one could easily imagine, why Monet had to paint so many times his waterlilies and could always change from green tones to blue ones as he would see it then in the different moments of the day or seasons.

Whilst it would be difficult to top these wonderful impressions, we decided to continue our way direction Calvados. The day was young and the sun was out and the "Jardins d'Angélique" seemed worthwhile to visit. Tbc.

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh, take me back...!
    One time when we were there the easel and stool were in the garden by the lake, just as if the master had gone for a little walk and left them there.
    Didnt you love the blue and yellow porcelain?

  2. What a fabulous day Bayou. Beautiful weather and stunning scenery. I saw Monets Waterlillies in Paris many a moon ago and loved them, in the prints you really don't get the sense of their size. But the real thing is just beautiful and as you say you can see why he painted them often. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us.

  3. we went years and years ago, pre-kids, and, yup, it was us and the Japanese even then. We had a grey and rainy day (typical) but it was still beautiful. Love the reminder from your photos.