~In jeder Sprache wohnen andere Augen.~ ~I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.~

mardi 7 avril 2015

A Wonderful Weekend at Hope & Elvis

Here are finally some impressions from the Gentlework workshop at Hope & Elvis in Nottingham-shire.
The travel on a Friday afternoon around the M25 and then up the M1 was as foreseen, very dense. I stopped quickly in Cambridge for to get EG's birthday gifts before shops closed and to have a look around the town. Very lively and lots of young people around, plenty of bicycles also, like in Bristol. There were even many of those parked bicycles which were not secured :-O! 

Arriving at my B&B (recommended by Louise from Hope & Elvis) I had a very warm welcome and was delighted to discover a four poster bed in my room. Everything was perfect and next morning's breakfast fulfilled every desire of a cooked full English breakfast.

the main house

the rooms

the ford

the B&B cat

cute doorknob 

Everything quintessential English at Browns Holbeck - well deserved 5 stars B&B.

Saturday was a fine day in the Welbeck Estate where the workshop was held. To my delight, there was not only the studio but also a fine garden center and a farm shop. All I needed in the closest distance!

Here are some impressions from the workshop but there are other pictures from ladies who attended, as well:

Gentlework workshop

Gentlework workshop

Christine had brought plenty of her items to show, explain and inspire

I am so pleased to know now how a feather is sewed on to the fabric

or how all the lovely details become centerpieces

the lady next to me made dainty little blooms like shown here

we all had a wrapped gift and inside were items to be used, if wanted

How beautiful these lasting flowers are

keepsakes- I have plenty of collars who wait to be put in evidence like that

one of my all-time favourite 'pages' of her rolled fabric book

every of her creation has so many details to be studied in detail

Lovely Louise

Gentle Christine

I feel so privileged to have been able to meet them and spend all these fabulous hours in their company.

all these busy hands

and the ladies themselves all so showing their creativity! This is a part of a handbag I saw

the table to seek for treasures to be used

all for to be chosen from

even the table decoration was one of a kind

There was the most delicious lunch being brought in and fine cake was also served - even the catering was creative and one of a kind!

Here are some of the creations which were done on the day:

Christine gave me permission to make pictures of her own clever garment- every detail is fabulous!
A vintage apron, probably a nurse's, she added the straps and gave it her personal, so unique hand stitched stamps:

The last picture shows the rear, underneath was the most perfectly matching lace dress.
And I loved all the stylish bits she wore with it - even in her hair were vintage buttons :-)

Sunday, I had to leave after another 2 wonderful hours in this unique environment to catch the ferry at Dover. Before leaving,  I took pictures of the most photographed place in the studio:  the legendary Hope & Elvis toilet. I have to share the pictures because this place also touched my heart.

on the toilet roll holder hung the most beautiful little book - a book about friendship

Inside on the first page was hand written: Me too, I want to be your friend. Tante Lotte Ludwigsburg 1964

Ludwigsburg is the town where I was born....

The travel back was a real challenge, heavy rain all way down South. The ferry had more than an hour of delay due to bad weather conditions. Eventually, we boarded but the journey was nearly 2 1/2 hours, 1 hour longer than usual. Easter holiday had started and the ferry was full. The sea was very rough and plenty of people (a part the Brits and those who are married to them) went seasick. It took me 12 hours of travel before I got home but it was worthwhile every effort!

Next day, EG complained that his British milk I got from the farm shop had gone sour -----too much of rough sea for it, as well. I so hope there was no dog on board that ferry.
The next Gentlework workshop will be in July in Tenterden, Kent, where I would have loved to go and it is just a hop over the channel but - hélas - cette une date très importante dans les Vosges que je ne peux manquer.

But on 19th September, there is a workshop held in-----

Montgomery- Wales

I shall be trying to make it and who knows? Perhaps there will be another encounter with lovely ladies I have met here