~In jeder Sprache wohnen andere Augen.~ ~I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.~

dimanche 31 janvier 2016

My January Review

January started with many happy hours on the sewing machine, one quilt was started, a bed throw out of old shirts and another bed throw was finished  but as it had to be sent to Bristol in a rush, the photos without daylight did not work out well. But it was well received and will be loved.

 A special Sunday brunch was celebrated and the pink bubbly was very well chosen: my next grandchild is going to be a girl!


Since last week, a lot of things start to happen in the garden. Hopefully there is no more snow coming.

The blackbird starts singing

This Tanacetum never died down despite frost and ice and snow

The camellias in the front garden look good

 Sadly, we lost our oldest cat, Ginger, on December 30th. She adopted us in the very beginning when we moved in here, some 15 years ago. She must have had very bad encounters with humans as it took her years to have confidence in us. She died peacefully in her sleep.
There are still two more cats who followed her example, Minnie only six months later and my wedding gift, RobRoy came in 2009.
In early January, we had the visit of the fox who got our oldest hen - luckily only that one (so far).

Last Thursday, EG had his farewell dinner from his company and we now enter the stage of total freedom.

There might be some territorial fights ahead, as a dear friend warned me: 'be aware when you hear him suddenly entering the house shouting: Honey, I am home! Forever!!!! '

But he has many friends waiting for him in the garages in order to get in good shape again. I must not forget to take pictures of how they look right now and make a post with updates once the serious work on them has started.

So much to look forward to!