~In jeder Sprache wohnen andere Augen.~ ~I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.~

vendredi 11 mai 2012

Nymans Garden in Spring and Bluebell Railway

We were hungry for warm sunshine, hungry for a blue sky and hungry for colours. All that was fulfilled when we visited Nymans Garden on the Sunday of our weekend trip in April. A German gentleman, Ludwig Messel from Darmstadt, first bought the property in the late 1800's and started off to design this wonderful garden. 3 generations of Messels lived there until in 1947 a tragical fire destroyed the house.
The magnolias were out and daffodils had started whilst at home everything was still in sleepy winter mood.
This bluebell even showed the very first shy bit of blue.
I think it was at that point, when discovering this abundance of flowers, that I was put back in time to Madeira - which we had enjoyed just one year before. But it was England and how different was the weather from the day before!
The house, even whilst not entire anymore, makes still a nice silhouette for this beautiful garden. Some rooms are still intact and one is invited to come in and so we did. Even taking pictures inside is allowed.
It felt rather homely, we admired the details and nice volunteers told us details about this remarkable family. I must say here, that anybody we encountered, inside the house or around the gardens, was kind and happy to tell something about the place.
The dovecote was even used.
Those tiles were all numbered and were going to be used to rebuild a part of the roof.
Stunning views.
I shall finish the picture show of Nymans with camellias because we had to leave.
A special birthday wish had to be respected: visiting the Bluebell Railway Station.
One locomotive just left the station, leaving us in the steam.
Once the air was clear again, we visited the big hangar with all those lovely beauties, which I show here but hope to be apologized that I cannot comment properly.
Hopefully the impressions of the old ladies (not those mirrored in the window here above, lol) talk for themselves. It was a fantastic weekend and -no wonder- we missed our scheduled ferry and came home much later by night than planned but - who cares? It was worthwhile every single minute.