~In jeder Sprache wohnen andere Augen.~ ~I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.~

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Madeira Part 2

Some call it antidotes, others try to create sunshine in the hearts
here are some colorful and warm memories from last year's holidays in Madeira.

On the second day, we went to visit la Quinta Palmeira.

I still feel the difference of temperature once we came out of the sunshine into the cool shade between the trees.

I never got tired of any flower to be captured by the camera.

The garden is just above of the Rua da Levada de Santa Luzia where tourist can have a sleigh ride down hill.

It was a surprise to see here the budgerigars so happily flying round and those chicken were really cute.

Later we took the car for a drive round and then we visited the gardens of the Quinta Splendida, a luxury hotel with spectacular gardens with free access.
Those spikes on the bark of the tree (photo top right) were impressive.

From our hotel room with seaside view, we could wave good-bye to the Aida Blu which was just then leaving. We were happy to be able to stay a bit longer.


jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Hello 2012!


A wonderful Christmas was had because we were all together, this time.
The picture below is one of the wee twin grandsons, only I know who it is ;-).

After boxing day, it was time to go back to work for some. We decided to bring my son, who works in Reading now, back to the UK. A special day in Canterbury was had and son went further on by train whilst we drove back to Belgium in the evening.

The journey was longer than expected because the UK custom on the tunnel decided to check every car and every passenger that day. But even with that delay we were lucky enough to find a parking space in Canterbury. However, it was certainly one of the last left.

We have been here before, be it for to kill some time before taking the ferry or just for a hop across the channel, enabling us to breath some good English air or smelling the inside of a pub. EG's own "outfitter" gets never a miss.

I always am in awe of this sweet shop - not only its façade is inspiring but also inside is like feeling in paradise.

It was a grey day but it stayed dry and mild. Apologize for some less good pictures, I had a problem with my camera that day. It might be a good reason to look for a new model ;-). Below is the Hotel Chocolat, a paradise for chocolate lovers. It is made in St. Lucia and was recommended by my brother who discovered it during his holidays. There are now a number of those shops in franchise over the UK.

One cannot miss the cathedral, those are EG's words. I must confess, I missed it when I went on my own one time on the way back from Rugby. I must have been too concentrated on the shops then.

Here below is the old library but restoration work takes place actually, therefore only this picture.

The city has quite different aspects, old mingles with new, every house hosts a shop and it seems quite a striving activity. Which might be also thanks to plenty of French, Belgians, Dutch and German tourists.

There are nice pubs around and plenty of places to eat and sit down.

The picture below on the left - from a window display - caught my eye: the dress was hung just below the boy's head ;-).

This place is new to us, advertising Belgium mussels and many types of beer.

Our preferred pub is in the corner of the place.

Here is the cathedral's entry.

We were disappointed to see that the very shops (EG's outfitter and my craft place) were still closed until next day. However, the drive home was not as long and we had a smooth journey back - in total some 770 km.

Next day at home, the builder arrived to start the plaster work in the piggery.

Next Monday, the other builder will come and start the exciting work: break through the stone wall into the piggery. There will be interesting (dusty) moments ahead.