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mercredi 9 septembre 2009

Summer Memories N° 2

June was such an eventful month!

We sadly lost our last two geese - they became victims of a polecat or something like that. Still now, we are sad about the empty, quiet compound.

But then, one early morning, we woke up by a loud noise.
When I went out for the walk with the dog, nothing to hear or see. But once we came back, suddenly there was this wee kitten running behind us on the street. The dog wanted immediately to go after it and his eyes showed this special gloom of generations of hunting dogs. Once the dog was put in the house, the wee kitten re-appeared and slowly came to me, begging loudly for help.
It stayed two days in the court yard and would not move anymore, the vet came and found it had cat flue and was not in a very good shape. But nothing so bad that it could not be healed. It is obvious that this one, as well, has been thrown out from the window of a car.

The wee one adopted me. I have never been adopted by a cat. I generally prefer dogs or horses. It took two days of permanent observation and I was telling off the dog who still did not want him any good. But finally, he accepted the cat.
The wee one was namedRobRoy. RobRoy McGregor. Here he is:

The most disturbed one in this household was definetely the grey cat. She is a grumpy one and since RobRoy's arrival has never been friendly to any of us anymore. But eventually, she will have to give in.
In the meantime, the two boys are big friends. The wee one can always count on the protection of his big brown chocolate bar. Who would ever have believed that?

Other wee ones also had a happy event:

It was the celebration of the 1 st birthday of the twins, my grand sons.

And summer continued being warm and sunny.

The rose 'American pillar' was at it's best this year.

Then a spontaneous visit in the arboretum in Kalmthout -near Antwerp - took place. Again, fantastic summer weather, blue sky, no clouds and nearly no other visitors as it was a working day.

But see yourself:

Could you smell the air? And feel the warm sun on your skin? And the soft summer noises all around? Ok, from time to time, it was interrupted by the train which leeds alongside the arboretum. But it was a perfect day.

Luckily, summer was not over then. But this is for the next time. Bye for now!

3 commentaires:

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos Bayou. And that cats is such a poppet, just like our 'Archie'. I love it when cats and dogs get on, it looks so wrong doesn't it!
    A really lovely post.

  2. There is a little black car hanging around here - I'll feed it outside, but it can't come inside because our Lillypad is very allergic.
    It looks as though you have a new friend for life - and what a cutie!
    The photos of the arboretum were lovely - some of those trees look like those from this area.

  3. Hi Bayou, I have not visited your blog before but love your pictures and know just what you mean about being adopted by a determined cat. Fabulous trees too!