~In jeder Sprache wohnen andere Augen.~ ~I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.~

mardi 15 novembre 2016

Croeso y Cymru

A part from many common, shared or tolerated passions, Wales has always been one of them between EG and me. Since our childhood and so many happy memories there, Wales is engraved in our hearts.
As we commemorated not only Remembrance Day or Armistice but also celebrated our very own 'remembrance day', we drove over to Bristol to get the 'granddaughter fix' and went then further North.
Many times, we have been in the UK in November, be it, because at home the garden is going to prepare itself for hibernation and less demanding or just because the flow of tourists has come to a halt.

Since we have now a season ticket for the ferry and no boss to be claimed anymore for a holiday request, we are in the luxurious position to be spontaneous. So we leave the flaming garden, the beautiful house, take the dog and sail....

My first Bonfire Night in Victoria Park, Bristol. Very cold and very convenient having the big fire burning behind us but a pity that none of  the mulled wine was left anymore.

Sunday morning we headed off to North Devon to the fleamarket event in South Molton, where I met with lovely Niki. As always, it was wonderful to see her again :-). A great time was spent and a lovely drive through gentle Devon was enjoyed.

Then we drove off to the North. The Country House to which EG brought me many years ago, when we found out that we would not want to be separated off each other anymore, is in Criccieth, North Wales. Sadly it was closed in just that week.

But we found a lovely little hotel  (http://www.themoelwyn.co.uk/ )    just on the seaside where the dog was also welcome and where we were the only guests. We had a wonderful stay awaking to this impression:

first morning wake-up

second morning wake-up

We drove round the Llŷn Peninsula to Abersoch. How strange that for both of us in our memory that place had been much bigger when we were children. 

We also had a stop in Porthmadog and despite the rain, enjoyed it. Then further down the coast to Barmouth where we walked the dog who, for the first time in his life, run on the beach. He was as excited as a child and all three of us enjoyed the wind and drizzly rain and the fact that the beach belonged only to us. (Courtesy EG Iphone picture)

On our way back to Bristol, we tried to cover a maximum of Welsh countryside. Still now, I am totally in awe of the beautiful landscape and the totally deserted roads.

Stopped in Llagollen with its steam railway station:

From there we went down to Oswestry, Shrewsbury and joined the A49 to the Welsh borders, crossed the Shropshire Hills over to Knighton where we found a lovely pub with welcoming log fire, went through Presteigne (again ;-) ) and then Monmouthshire passing Tintern Abbey - another landmark in our own map of Love. It was dark by then and Tintern's skeleton was illuminated in flaming red, just magic!

This time, no houses were inspected, just a general 'tour de reconnaissance'. So much to chose from, so many lovely places could be ours! A house near the seaside is so tempting, especially as we are spoiled with our own 'little Baltic sea' just in the middle of the garden. The wishlist is so big, the possibilities seem endless. Cymru am byth!

samedi 1 octobre 2016

In Autumn

Wilhelm Busch:

In Autumn

The lovely summer has been leaving,
and with its wealth arrived the fall.
The spiders are all kindly weaving
the garments for the festival.

They're weaving for the celebration,
with hindlegs practiced in the trade,
the veils of elves as decoration
for hill and dale and mead and glade.

Yes, thousand silver threads donated
into the wind to turn and bend
are softly drifting where they're fated
toward the unconscious, settled end:

They're drifting toward a fairy landing 
where love extends its shy caress 
and softly ties, with silken banding, 
the shepherd to the shepherdess. 

P.S. For me, it should say in Awe-tumn :-)))) I am in awe that a poem so quintessentially German could be translated so perfectly into English. (translation by Walter A. Aue)
More to follow soon, just waiting for the rain to nail me to the computer, downloading thousands of pictures and posting again. 

Lighthouse of  Falshöft

mercredi 15 juin 2016

Meeting Elise

The French Family pram in new glory

all those tiny details made with lots of grandmother love

One of the Bristol balloons from the wedding 

every little bow knotted with love

Baby quilt ready since long

legs as long as her father

photo of the stork in the printer draw (memory board)

Looks perfect to me for to play the piano

Utter joy.

mercredi 1 juin 2016

Mon Piano de Cuisine...

...that's what the French call it, whereas the British call it RANGE COOKER and in German there is just this so appropriate saying:


which means something like a cooker of your own is worth gold.

Many many years I have been dreaming of a range cooker. My dear SIL in Cheshire got one after many years of longing for an AGA and eventually got hers and never stopped praising it in the highest tones.

On a musical note, mon piano de cuisine really deserves to be related to music. Kitchen music at its best! I never knew that I could cook so virtuosic. I never knew that playing the piano in the kitchen can make you dance. I never knew how much fun it was to get huge applaus after a great piano performance and people afterwards having fullfilled, happy faces (and tommies).

Those who know me, if I want, I want it all! It had to be the biggest, nicest and most multiperforming cooker. My kitchen is now a concert hall and my piano fills it with music with equally as many note keys than on a baby upright.

Of course, as always, when one wishes for something so badly, there are many obstacles to pass before one can get it. My first obstacle was: I wanted gas for the cooking but we don't have city gas. Then I saw that there was a brand who provided modifications to the gas burners so that Butane gas could be used. Once I saw the possibility of realising my dream, I went out searching.  Last year, I finally found a shop here in Belgium - which was in fact in France - but it was advertised as Belgium. Because  here, we have always the worst deck of cards for choice, price and customer service. To cut a long and disappointing story short, I never ended up with my heart's desire but had big troubles to get my money back for a non-delivered furniture.

Then happened the slight incident with a bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial to be opened by EG to celebrate the fact that our next grandchild is going to be a girl ---- by opening the bottle, it slipped out of his hand on the ceramic top cooking field ---- luckily the bottle stayed intact! Only the glass on top of the hob broke. So it had to be replaced.  I was no more into making music in my kitchen, as I had postponed my dream to the next house. I just looked for a replacement of the old ceramic top in our online-shop. Then I saw it;

There was a whole collection of range cookers to chose from! And they had the very model I had already gone for a year before! And it was SALES period! And it was in stock!!!

I called EG in his office (still working then) and told him: NOW YOU ARE COOKED!!!

The rest is weeks of work of modifying the kitchen and the dairy, as there is not enough space to lodge the gas bottle for the cooker in the kitchen.

And as one thing leads to another, after some weeks of work, EG meanwhile being retired and able to concentrate on that job, the transformation took place, the piano took place and the whole kitchen is tiptop now.

Hymne à la joie - Beethoven!!!




Sheer cooking pleasure!

dimanche 29 mai 2016

Stationary Swap

The photos taken by a famous photographer
Hello in beautiful May!

Some weeks ago, I spontaneously participated in a stationary swap organised by a dear blogger friend who I know in flesh, as we were able to meet the last time we went to beautiful Cornwall.  Barbara,here is her blog : Small Moments, had a great idea to launch it.

How lucky was I to be paired with my dear friend Pondside! We also know each other in flesh, as she made a trip across Europe and Great-Britain and we spent several days together. That is already 3 1/2 years ago.... I blogged about here.
And I still have so many precious memories to think of.

Here is what I received:

A wonderful bird card accompanied the pack

every card with its own colour-matched envelope

how gorgeous is that close-up?

every card a piece of art

I especially love that batch of wool

Thank you so much, dear Honora and also for the Canadian Living magazine! I utterly enjoyed every item and treasure what you sent!


As I am not blogging as often as I would like to, here are some pictures from a stroll around the garden in May. We are now in year 16 after having bought the farm and later starting the garden from a cow field. Right now, I cannot get enough of walking through it and discovering each day something new. Would you like to join?

Right at the beginning welcomes this Azalea which we once bought in Cornwall, in Trevarno, my all-time preferred garden, sadly now closed to the public

Every plant, shrub or tree seems to be in competition with another

The grotto (full with tadpoles right now which are regularly fed by EG)

Loads and loads of apple blossoms

This veggie plot in the 'hanging gardens' proves that EG is now a full-time EG

The Staphylea is out

The tree peony 'Ludlowii' flowers for the first time
 Only this week we found out that 'Ludlowii' did not get its name after our preferred town in Shropshire but it was the planthunter Ludlow who brought it back from Tibet.
The 'functionary tree' Catalpa in the middle still bare, as all funtionaries always comes late and leaves early ;-)

...and what might that be???

The Davidia involucrata is flowering for the first time! (Pocket handkerchief tree)

I love the spontaneous appearance of colombine and leave them where they come up

This picture of the grotto hill is some 2 weeks old, before I went to Bristol. I came back after a week into a different garden.

This is how I always imagined a cottage garden --- a part of the front garden yesterday

Until next time :-)