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mercredi 1 juin 2016

Mon Piano de Cuisine...

...that's what the French call it, whereas the British call it RANGE COOKER and in German there is just this so appropriate saying:


which means something like a cooker of your own is worth gold.

Many many years I have been dreaming of a range cooker. My dear SIL in Cheshire got one after many years of longing for an AGA and eventually got hers and never stopped praising it in the highest tones.

On a musical note, mon piano de cuisine really deserves to be related to music. Kitchen music at its best! I never knew that I could cook so virtuosic. I never knew that playing the piano in the kitchen can make you dance. I never knew how much fun it was to get huge applaus after a great piano performance and people afterwards having fullfilled, happy faces (and tommies).

Those who know me, if I want, I want it all! It had to be the biggest, nicest and most multiperforming cooker. My kitchen is now a concert hall and my piano fills it with music with equally as many note keys than on a baby upright.

Of course, as always, when one wishes for something so badly, there are many obstacles to pass before one can get it. My first obstacle was: I wanted gas for the cooking but we don't have city gas. Then I saw that there was a brand who provided modifications to the gas burners so that Butane gas could be used. Once I saw the possibility of realising my dream, I went out searching.  Last year, I finally found a shop here in Belgium - which was in fact in France - but it was advertised as Belgium. Because  here, we have always the worst deck of cards for choice, price and customer service. To cut a long and disappointing story short, I never ended up with my heart's desire but had big troubles to get my money back for a non-delivered furniture.

Then happened the slight incident with a bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial to be opened by EG to celebrate the fact that our next grandchild is going to be a girl ---- by opening the bottle, it slipped out of his hand on the ceramic top cooking field ---- luckily the bottle stayed intact! Only the glass on top of the hob broke. So it had to be replaced.  I was no more into making music in my kitchen, as I had postponed my dream to the next house. I just looked for a replacement of the old ceramic top in our online-shop. Then I saw it;

There was a whole collection of range cookers to chose from! And they had the very model I had already gone for a year before! And it was SALES period! And it was in stock!!!

I called EG in his office (still working then) and told him: NOW YOU ARE COOKED!!!

The rest is weeks of work of modifying the kitchen and the dairy, as there is not enough space to lodge the gas bottle for the cooker in the kitchen.

And as one thing leads to another, after some weeks of work, EG meanwhile being retired and able to concentrate on that job, the transformation took place, the piano took place and the whole kitchen is tiptop now.

Hymne à la joie - Beethoven!!!




Sheer cooking pleasure!

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  1. You were certainly a virtuosa before - I can only imagine the symphonies possible on such with such an instrument!!

    1. Thank you, Honora *blush*. But I love cooking, baking and eating :-)

  2. I think it is a similar model to the one I had in France, it was the best of all cookers. Sadly I haven't room for one here.

    1. It is pure luxury for just 2 people but oh so much fun now to invite 'des convives'. Pity you did not have enough space, Barbara.

  3. And here we call it a "range" (don't ow why) or stove or oven. Yours is gorgeous. Who would think that a stove would be gorgeous! I have a glass cooktop much like your Before and an oven in the wall along with a microwave oven. All are electric. If you are a baker and a chef, you will make wonderful music in the kitchen. I loved your encouragement in your last comment: "Get Crackin'" My husband loves to hunt and fish, so he goes off with the guys. I am sure that he would travel with me now that he is retired. I have a travel buddy, but she is lame now, laid up with a bulging disc in her back and until she has surgery, she can barely get around. Others who would love to go with me don't have the money or desire to travel so far away. Our young college student friend just returned from her grand adventure that included 5 days in Iceland. She flies Iceland Air for cheaper rates which includes a lay over in Iceland. Then she landed in Belgium where she spend several days. A day or two in Paris and a few days in Amsterdam. She traveled to Iceland with a boyfriend then on to Europe alone and met friends in Belgium. Wish I were so carefree. Keep after me! Now go bake something yummy.

    1. Hello Ann, I confess I might be over-equipped now having also a microwave and the old oven still working in case of need for ... party?
      Will send you an e-mail about travel to Europe.

  4. Oooh, la la, Bayou...your piano is splendid. I can easily imagine your making beautiful music together!

    Perhaps you will soon be showing us some of the delicious compositions? xo

  5. Dear Frances, good idea, I should make pictures of all the symphonies which come out of it. Will make loads of pork pies for the next party, have already made all the wild food strudel, they are in the freezer. I make sweet 'financiers' in no time now, that is with left over egg whites.And the cooked 'full English' breakfast on the 'plancha', on the left side on top, what a treat! It is a teflon coated plate which gets hot from the glass cooktop underneath. And there are always pre-warmed plates :-). Fa-bu-lous!

  6. Fabulous! I have a range cooker too (perhaps not as gorgeous as yours!) and I love it. Love the comparison of cooker to a piano too!

  7. Hello Elizabeth, thanks for your lovely comment. As I write, there is not only that range cooker we have in common but also a gorgeous new granddaughter...