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mardi 2 mars 2010

Vorfreude - Joie anticipée

Here we are in March, oh joy!

We can see the water surface of the pool, the "Little Baltic", again. It was permanently frozen since 17th December and only reappeared last week.

Busy times are ahead, the antique markets are going to be crowded again. Several times I went to the one held every Friday in Liège, St. Pholien.

One can find almost everything, there.

And I was lucky to get matching bits to my collection. Like 'des pots à épices' all complete with unbroken lids. I had the oil bottle already. A Royal Doulton cup called " the Wedding" out of the Brambly Hedge - I bought the book years before (in French, in an almost new condition) and am now impatient to read it to my grandsons. The covered bowl with the red rose is now complemented by one with a white rose, same make.

More treasures, like that Limoges plate with lovely spring flowers and the set of egg cups, they seem to have never served their purpose. Found plenty of old laces and linen, dainty and delicate.

Finally this little treasure: a sewing machine for millinery. Made in Dresden and no records are available. The big challenge will be how to thread it and to make it work... If anybody has a clue or a description, it would be highly appreciated. The make is H. Grossmann and its name is "Alemannia"

Projects for March will be as healthy as visits to a fitness center: plans for a greenhouse and a new design for the front garden. The whole pile of 4 year old horse manure has to be wheeled round to its destination as the greenhouse will be built here .

Before and ....32 wheelbarrows after (all EG's work):

Start in the front garden. Taken from 2 different perspectives. Does not look much, does it?

The best is yet to come. I am travelling to the UK this week for a few days for a very exciting meeting with plenty of country girls and I am so much looking forward to it! The journey is the destination.

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh it sounds so exciting and lucky you to have EG to share ideas with! Wish I was coming to the Uk with you ( never thought I would hear myself say that!!)Say Hi to the gang!

  2. Yes, me too! Would love an escape to the UK. enjoy yourself!

  3. Not fair I wanna go.... Mountainear invited me, but it's too far away and I sadly have to go to work anyway, but would love to have met you there Bayou!! Oh and the others of course! Have a great time.

  4. We MUST work on that to meet up together! But I hope I can give you a detailed report.

  5. by now you must be on your way .....and by this time tomorrow you will be screaming and caterwauling with the Border Bloggers!