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lundi 8 mars 2010

Blind? Date

This was my destination and here I was!

After a smooth trip to Calais, taking the ferry exactly in time and a trip without any disruption since Dover my first intake of sunny Shropshire was done in Minsterley cimetery. I did not feel the almost 800 km or any sign of tiredness as I was still as excited than when I left.

How impressing is this old way of creating hedges!

I smiled on the insription that this man was "a great story teller who never lied just a stranger to the truth". I don't think that such words could be found on a Belgium cemetery.

Thanks to the best Shrophire guide in this world, dear Snailbeachsheperdess, I now know that what shows on the top photo on the left of the tree, is called "the Ridge".

I was standing there, still, alone and my heart opened wide and I tried to engrave this fantastic countryside forever into my memory.

After a nice meal and good sleep, the adventure with SBS started and whilst I never had seen her in real, she is just as I had imagined her! She showed me round the Ridge, showed me the Devil's Seat, explained all the particular things about this fantastic spot of countryside and -lucky me!- I am even now the proud owner of a book she has written which explains it all in detail!

We went to Bishops Castle, cute, nice little town:

Was that the ladies jail one day?

This lovely shop would see me daily if I lived there.

The tiny details of those old houses are always so enchanting.

Could not any house do with such a friendly guard?

She then showed me the "Wintles Estate". This is an eco community and all the houses are built "bio", have alternative energy sources, wood burners and are mainly built of eco treated timber and those colours seem to me being based on lime, they have wonderful pastel tones. Behind is an area with allotments. (Note: In the last Country Living these kind of eco-conscious communities are listed, amongst are the Wintles).

Must be a comfortable living in these houses, can you see that little JRT in the window? He just watched.

After having collected LLL = Lovely Lawyerlady from Shrewsbury station, we went to the Lowfield Inn in order to meet up with the gang and having a nice lunch :-)

Afterwards, Mountainear had organised a visit to one of the oldest wooden churches on top of Trelystan mountain.

Happy to be at eternal rest on such a great place!

Carpets of special snowdrops, they must have a triple layer of petals.

Special thanks to all you nice people to having let me be with you and share that most beautiful county - so I think - in the UK.
I think, I made some new friends! Bye Chester!

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  1. What a great time you must have had! I love all of your mosaics,especially the ones of the buildings. The streetscape is so foreign to our streetscapes. You certainly squeezed every drop of experience out of your weekend - thanks for sharing it!

  2. it was really lovely to meet finally. emails are not the same as speaking face to face.
    I hope this wasn't the last time you've come over to Shropshire, in spite of the distances! And I am very glad that you enjoyed your visit so much.

  3. Yes, Pondie, every second was used and enjoyed!

    You are so right, Friko - e-mail is not the same but still a good thing to get connected. I try to convince EG to come across for Easter, it is on our way but we have to take the dog. We shall see how it all fits. Would love to see you again!

  4. Really enjoyed meeting you too - so did Alan...and Chester of course. Please come back and see us again.

  5. That was absolutely magical - you certainly have a way with a camera - just fabulous - hurry back and we can find some more material for your artistic eye

  6. Oh and by the way I knew your story teller man - he died far too soon - bless him

  7. ....and I know the man who did that hedge laying in the cemetary if you ever need some lessons - and my grandparents are buried there.

  8. It all sounds very enticing and wonderful next time I hope I can make it too!!

  9. Oh I am sooo jealous! You are so right Shropshire is the best county in the UK. My mum was brought up there and we know it well. If I didn't live where I do - which is pretty special - then I would live in Shropshire. Looks like you all had an amazing time. And I love your photos.

  10. I don't know why I have only just found this post!! Your photos are wonderful and really capture the beautiful Shropshire countryside perfectly. Today is not quite the same - cold wild winds and snow and sleet for two days!
    Have a great Easter break - love Jo

  11. You have been awarded the " This blog is charming award". Pop over to my blog for details.