~In jeder Sprache wohnen andere Augen.~ ~I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.~

lundi 1 février 2010

No winter blues for me - pas de regrets

Es ist alles so wie es sein muss. It's all as it must be.
Nicht nur der Winter ist so, wie er sein muss - auch mein Leben ist genau richtig so wie es ist.
Pas seulement l'hiver est comme il doit être mais aussi ma vie est juste bien comme elle est.

After some months of deep enjoyment due to this new taste on my tongue which is called TIME, plenty of reflections have gone round my mind. New plans and many adventures are ahead, I can see clearly now. The land will be used and more lifestock is to come. Plenty to learn, plenty to enjoy. Longer lasted projects like the green house and the knot garden will be realised. New projects are bees, apiculture. They have disappeared so massively, it is time to do something about it. And a secret love is to having sheep. Not any sheep but long hair "rasta" sheep with silky hair. One nice comment was: having sheep is the starting of madness. Ha! We go well together then. But before going there, I'll complete the wee honeymoon travel.
Here is the last series of photos from the Normandy. Difficult to believe that it was hot and sunny and everything in bloom whilst it is winter now. But, I am sure, those moments will come back soon - where life will be celebrated outdoors.
Juno Beach, moments in the warm white sun. We enjoyed watching that dog having so much fun fighting the waves.

This is for Pondside - wanted to post it since long:

beautiful little village

with some delightful surprises!

Hasta la proxima.

3 commentaires:

  1. good to see you emerging from your winter hibernation full of ideas!

  2. Ach ja Bienen! Bienen und Schafe, tolle Kombination. Schön wieder mal von Dir zu hören. Das Tauwetter hat eingesetzt und langsam , gaaanz langsam scheint der Frühling zu kommen.

  3. How did I miss this post!! Here I was thinking 'Bayou hasn't posted for ages' and you'd been here for three weeks.
    It sounds as though you have lots and lots of good ideas - go with them!
    Thanks for those lovely photos. Do you know that my mother had four brothers, all in Europe during the war - two navy, one Black Watch, one signals corps - and they all came back alive and well.