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mardi 11 mars 2014

Une journée parfaite

That is what it was - in fact, all my 4 days in the UK were perfect ones.

Getting ready, full of excitement,  packing up some unusual things this time.

Son's birthday card and symbolic surprise 

red gift box

containing this apron

EG found the text should have ended with 'drunk' 

inside the hat box

my heart always beats quicker once I see this coastline

Thursday seems to be a better day for traveling , the M25 was clear, so was the M4. Arrived in Bristol without any delay and waited for son to have finished work - even found straight away the place in the city center. I always have a giggle when I see Cabot Circus. Insiders know why ;-)

After a pre-birthday dinner, (there were 2 to follow), next day was - big joy - going to see lovely Niki in Shepton Mallet (http://nostalgiaatthestonehouse.blogspot.be/) - thank you again, Niki for all those nice things you kept for me. Here is a selection of what I bought but I shall not show all of it ;-)

a stunning hat box

all covered by Niki in vintage fabric (quick! put the lid on to preserve this great smell of lavender)

today I discovered that calendar she had added to my pack :-)

pity the smell does not come across on the picture
all true treasures

Shopping in Wells: have already tried out the first Annie Sloan paint from Poppy Green 

this fabric was also found in Wells, at  'Sew Vintage'

strawberry fabrics from Millie Moon

Saturday morning, we (Marion and I) set out early to have our great day in Shrewsbury.

The directions which were given by Jo before (link: https://www.facebook.com/Rusticandwhite), with the advise which Park & Ride to take and how to find the place of Rustic and White, were just fine. We  arrived just in time to attend our first ever workshop.

The room was prepared in such a great way

Everybody had its tag ready made by Christine - all differently crafted

Explanations were given by Christine how she does her artwork

hand-quilted items decorated the room

one nicer than the other

intricate pieces of her art everywhere

he sat there quietly enjoying all that excited bunch of ladies

Christine's one of a kind papier maché dolls

Jo had hung a chain on the wall, very clever!

more of the unique quilt work

and the pieces of fabric art all 'speak'

this was breath taking: a bandage from former army use

rolled up like a parchemin (script roll)

truly awesome!

this also is so unique, a day book entry

more quilt detail

my very preferred detail of the parchemin

the window with the curtains and flowers in the vase

the needle on top of the left

every detail additionally embellished

Finally, our finished works:

Margaret sat next to me - she is a professional! In no time she had made up this brilliant piece


Gwen's second brooch (sorry, not sharp picture)


inside Amanda's

Rebecca's (her daughter's name is Grace)

Margaret's second item

The wording on Gwen's brooch said it all - A PERFECT DAY

We do hope to be able to do such extraordinary day again!

With special thanks to Pondside (http://pondside1741.blogspot.com/) who made me aware of Gentlework (http://gentlework.blogspot.com)

P.S. Pictures from the UK were taken with the small Lumix and are not so great. But there are better ones on Gentlework's Facebook page and also on D's blog here :http://deeatthecarlton.blogspot.com

7 commentaires:

  1. What a wonderful place to have visited....and what lovely articles you all made.

  2. I read and re-read this - what a wonderful time you must have had. I can imagine you there - in your element - creating and sharing ideas and coming home full of new inspiration. It must have been lovely to have been surrounded by all those beautiful bits and pieces of gorgeous fabric and embroidery. The whole trip sounds like a dream - lovely!

  3. Hi A! Thank you for coming to visit me in my little shop...always a pleasure to see you :) Thank you for your purchases and the mention too.
    So pleased you enjoyed your action-packed trip...you always manage to fit so much in on your visits to the UK. The course looked wonderful - and such a long way for you to travel! ;-)) ;-))
    You have a beautiful souvenir of your day...But did you show your finished piece?

    Will email you shortly,
    Niki x

  4. Bayou, what a pleasure I have had looking at this post. You've had just the sort of adventure that I love. Every bit of it looks like inspiring fun. The workshop photographs really show exceptionally fine stitching and so much imagination. (As you know, I am usually drawn to bright colorways, but I really enjoyed seeing these exquisitely subtle close harmonies. Beautiful!)


  5. What a lovely blog post! So glad you enjoyed your day, you've captured it perfectly x

  6. Anke - you have captured the beautiful sewing day so well. It was such a lovely gesellige day (as we say in Afrikaans) with such talented ladies & beautiful things. You certainly had a busy time on your visit. I love your covered hat box - I have some very boring ones that I store my many hats in & always do the Bridport Hat Festival in Dorset in September (with my camera naturally) ... I will be visiting your blog often as it is so lovely to look in to lives in other places, especially of people I have met. Stay well ..... xx

  7. What fun you must have had! The post shows so many lovely items and worked with “des mains de fée” non? I really like these pieces with the embroidery and lace – so utterly feminine.