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lundi 31 mars 2014

Let's take a walk

... through the garden

very lush yellow hellebores

Plenty of new daffodils 

EG has started mowing the grass

slimy guests already out

....walking down to the stream

where EG planted hundreds more of daffodils

fresh food growing for a 'strudel' (ground elder and nettles)

every year he cuts branches from the willows

picture in the middle shows our picnic stone

one of the giants to hug

another hug tree

the grass is growing well

a look back to the 'ruin'

I wished I had the buzzard's view

the water is clear and it is so peaceful there

so much to sniff

the willows offer so much for wildlife

that's it for this time

No idea when I will be able to access the blog again because I have ordered a new laptop. There will be a lot of new things to be learned and a lot of data to be shuffled over.
But before that, we are off!
Wales, here we come! Very excited to find out more about Anglesey Island.
See you next time.

2 commentaires:

  1. Bayou, have a fabulous time in Wales...I just got to barely cross the border last October, and yearn to see more. Also, best wishes on your new laptop. My guess is that you will be up and active and well-entrenched in its wonders very soon.

    Meanwhile, thank you so much for all the photos in this post. Your area is so much farther into Spring's beauty than ours. I did a post today with Central Park photographs taken on Monday, and those views seem very early, early ... even stingy as compared to what yours show of this marvelous season.


  2. Your countryside looks so peaceful and champêtre – the trees, the luscious grass, the flowers and all. I hope you are having or had a great time in Wales and you will show us some pictures on it soon.