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lundi 12 mai 2014

Visit to Godinton

Hello again!

Windows 8 seems to be less tricky than expected, in fact I find it very logical- so far-*crossfingers*. However, autodidacts amateurs like me need a lot of time to find out how things work. Eventually, here are some pictures from Godinton, Kent. We went beginning of April on our way to Anglesey. Leaving home in warm sunshine but once crossed the channel, the sun became more and more rare. This was ok as the chocolate dog has to stay in the car when we are visiting and so he had ideal conditions.


My pictures seem to be all quite ok and it stayed dry during the visit. Therefore, I shall just upload a selection of them as we strolled around the garden and let them speak for themselves.

This part of the garden was at its best right then

entering the walled garden

Nicely labeled fruit trees just started flowering

a lot of lovely auriculus and other delicate flowers were under glass

there were quite a lot of gardeners around - mostly volunteers

Had to take some glasshouse construction details for EG ;-)

Is this birch trunk also spring cleaned by hand as some gardeners do?

loved the nest box

Leucojum, very brave!

It was a great start for our wee holiday and a good timing as it allowed us to have a break during the journey.

3 commentaires:

  1. Bayou, what a wonderful place. Scillas, daffodils and...were those orchids or fritillaries amongst them. What a blissful Spring scene.

  2. Bayou, your photographs are so pretty...they really tell us just how beautiful Spring can be! After all the garden pictures, the photo with the laundry on the line really made me smile. That's a sight that cannot be found in my city neighborhood.

    Best wishes to you and the new Windows...glad that the two of you are beginning to get on well. xo

  3. I think you've done very well!
    You always find the most wonderful places to visit and then to share. This garden and the buildings are beautiful - love the brick against the sky. What a great day you must have had. Was the EG able to use some of the glasshouse ideas?