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mardi 31 décembre 2013

This was 2013

This was Christmas in the Bayou's. December was a merry  month full of exciting activities (see 1st photo) and happy anticipation.
The family gathered together and those from far did the effort to travel in sometimes not so good conditions but all went well. Now things come back to 'normal'.

An old farmhouse sink was recovered and just finished being installed before the big days. It is now the 'best bit' in my kitchen :-)

People who follow Pondside will recognise the blue hens :
A perfect gift, Honora, thank you so much!

A very special Christmas gift from EG:


This year in the Bayou's was certainly not a bad one, however it had its sad moments. But also plenty of good and happy ones, like:

January: a day trip enjoying the sales in Canterbury 

Then buying this piece of furniture from the Somme and choosing the snowiest day to pick it up with the trailer. 10 hours travel later, we were back, safe but lost the Visa card on a péage. Sadly, EG not only broke his glasses but has a lasting memory as his tendon in the arm snapped by lifting the several 100 kg thing into the trailer. To unload, 4 young men helped to get it in place...


February: enjoying moments together on our bar.


March brought us snow

the ginger cat comes out of the stables for to enjoy the sun
whilst the grey one keeps warm inside

And eventually spring comes:

As always at that moment of year, geese (this is a Nile goose) try to seek for nesting places around the pond. The dog chases them off.

End of March: a big highlight!
We go to Bristol for to meet with the new 'Outlaws'. Very nice and kind French people, just our cup of tea! The gals go to visit Niki in Shepton Mallet, 

meanwhile the guys stay in Bath, watch Rugby in a pub and get some new Guiness hats  ... it all ends in a request for the sweet daughter's hand. But there will pass several months before the three ladies know anything about that.

We visit together the SS Great Britain:

A big job to prevent the ship from rusting away

Under the Waterline

looking above through the glass

so impressive!

can't avoid to post this picture ;-)

... neither this one ;-) (One could use the dresses for posing for photographs)

Everywhere the love for detail

Even all the smells were there 

the captain's cabin

the dining area 

where the horses were kept 
where the servants and lower class passengers stayed

It was a great tour round the ship and one felt like back in time and like having been traveling on it.

In April, for EG's 60th, the vintage lawn mower got a new home in the Bayou's. 

May was not very sunny and rather cold 

but eventually nature got more clement. 

and new life came into the Bayou's

In June, the GMC came out for the historic parade of the 750 years festivities of Henri-Chapelle, our neighbour village.

On the way to Bristol, I visited the Secret Gardens in Sandwich before the gardens were going to be closed due to changing ownership.

the Yellow garden

Then came the summer party 
despite not so good weather and only 16°C water temperature, it did not hinder brave people to jump in

Another big highlight straight after the party: we went to Cornwall. We stayed in this fine Inn somewhere in Somerset http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g2373497-d1477351-Reviews-The_Rock_Inn-Waterrow_Somerset_England.html

Highly recommended not only for rooms but for very fine food!
We passed Knightshayes and visited without having planned to do so
Prince Charles is an inspiration here in their vegetable garden
New edgings were done - quite a big job
We traveled further to arrive in Looe

I love the sea!

Spent a nice time in Fowey

and met with dear blogging friend http://frenchvillagelife.blogspot.be/and her lovely husband in Trelissick

We were very spoiled!

a stem with plenty of coins in it
We loved the orchard!
Took the ferry
and visited the Sea Garden in Portscatho - A MUST!

They did it twice but it was very cold

There was Morris Dancing that evening

Of which I never heard before, a very old tradition. America was in honour this time.

The Jubilee Inn in Looe where we stayed already many years before
Everywhere memorabilia from Queen Victoria

Also highly recommended for stays!

5 fabulous days seemed to be a fortnight away.

July and a beautiful summer started

August gave it all

balmy nights

The build of the greenhouse got started :-)

all out of old windows

September spoiled us like never before with all kind of fruits from the Orchard

Reneclodes, des 'vrais crottées'

Golden October 

we sit on the bar in the evenings

more harvest, loads of apples and quinces

delightful colours

and more colours

November brought sorrow and grief 

But also some great days out in Somerset and Bristol - which I have blogged of.
And then came Christmas and a wonderful time.

Here ends my review over the year. 

As I haven't posted a recipe since a while, here is a special one for my dear followers, readers and friends. Thank you all for your comments, they are highly appreciated.

Best wishes and all good things for the coming year – remembering the words of Katharina Elisabeth Goethe (1731 – 1808),  mother of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe :

« Take 12 months, strip them of envy,
Bitterness ; greed, pedantry and
Carve them into 30 or 31 pieces, so that the stocks will last a year.

Each day is served up individually, made of
1 part work and 2 parts cheerfulness and humour.

Add 3 heaped teaspoons of optimism,
1 teaspoon of tolerance
1 grain of irony and a pinch of tact.

The mixture is then poured over with lots of love.
Decorate the finished dish with posies of thoughtfulness
and serve it daily with merriment. »

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  1. What a wonderful year with so many memories, some of which we share! I hope there will be many to follow in 2014.

  2. What a lovely post, Anke! Your year was such a full one - so much travel, so many wonderful sights and sites, and at the end of each trip, your beautiful house by the pond. Thank you for the recipe - there couldn't be a better one with which to start the New Year.

  3. Bayou, your review of your 2013 via splendid photos is a treat.

    Your recipe is very enriching...I will find the ingredients and try to mix them well.

    A very Happy New Year to you and yours...let's all look forward to connecting in 2014.


  4. Tres bonne annee Anke et a tres vite j'espere Xx

  5. A great year in images – beautiful images of your travels. The photo of your cat looking out of the window is outstanding. You certainly went to many places and had great fun. The recipe you wrote is one I wish everyone would use – it has wonderful ingredients! Have a great 2014 with more travels and much fun.

  6. Happy New Year Anke!!

    What a great post - It must have taken you ages to put it together...
    I remember well your visit to my shop with your 'outlaws'...Lovely ladies! :)

    Love the photos of all your orchard fruits - what a harvest!

    I hope 2014 will be kind to you and that I may 'bump' into you again sometime - Always a pleasure.

    My warmest wishes,
    Niki x