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mercredi 4 décembre 2013

For The First Time

Eventually, it happened.
For the very first time, I was able to be visiting a Vintage Textile Market in the UK. It was held in North Cadbury (easy name to remember as I love chocolates) on 23rd November. It was so exciting! Thank you so much, Niki, for that hint and thank you for your warm welcome :-)

Here is the link 

A wonderful atmosphere, lovely ladies -and gentlemen- holding stands filled with vintage beauties of all sorts. Here are some of my impressions:

Hello Niki! http://nostalgiaatthestonehouse.blogspot.be/

I felt right at home at Elaine's stand 

This lovely lady is Elaine from http://tedandbunny.blogspot.be/

One of Niki's beautiful and unique fairies

Some wonderful bits were exported to Belgium whilst a delicate lace blouse has a new (French) owner now. 
I enjoyed every moment of that special day!


Afterwards, we went to Castle Cary, as suggested by Niki, to have a cup of tea at Mother's.

A pretty place and gorgeous weather.


Luckily, I was allowed to take pictures, I hope they reflect the very special atmosphere of that vintage tea room.

Old newspapers can be read whilst waiting for the order

Isn't that matching spoon cute?

The three glass bowls with lids changed country ;-)

Not every item is for sale

The cabinet with Royal and Jubilee memorabilia

Pretty wallpaper

comfy chairs

The fire was real and glowing

Always nice to be able to have a peek into the kitchen

it was as good as it looks!

... and that wallpaper!

A typical fire extinguisher

Worthwhile to come back!

7 commentaires:

  1. Hi A! It was fabulous to see you again at the fair (as you can probably tell from my crazy expression in your photo! ;-)) and thanks again for your purchases. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day and were finally able to visit. Would love to see you at Frome one day...
    So happy that you and your son were able to visit 'Mother's' too...its such a magical place...your photos capture the authentic feel it has.
    Wishing you a very enjoyable run-up to the festive season,
    Love Niki x

  2. I can imagine (very well!) your delight at walking into that fair. It was made for you and your interests! I enlarged the photos to peer at the stacks of fabric - beautiful! - and at the cakes in Mother's - scrumptious! Your work room must be burgeoning right now and you must have a whirl of ideas for new creations. I wish you lived closer (actually, I wish I lived closer to you, as that would mean I could attend some flea markets with you!). What fun - thanks for sharing those great photos!

  3. Oh, what a lovely trip. You always find something interesting to do, to buy and to photograph!

  4. Oh Bayou, what beautiful places you've been to! I am making a note...Cadbury. As you say, it's a name I'll be able to remember.


  5. Lovely blogpost! Great photos & lovely to meet you. Lizzie x

  6. Loved your pics of Castle Cary. I work in the town and always think it special. Glad you enjoyed 'mother's tea room', the owner Nell is a friend and always extends a warm welcome.

  7. so many great photos! Thank you. Lizzie