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vendredi 18 juin 2010

Visit to Hex and a G.I.T.

It seemed to be the nicest day in June so far when we went to the event of Rare Plants in Hex. We have been so many times but it never is getting boring. The castle is of a size that one can really imagine to live there, the park is very pleasant and well maintained with a large number of ancient rare trees and the gardens around the house are practical and pretty.The exhibitors have smiling faces, the prices are correct and it is such a pleasant atmosphere as one can see how much the visitors admire the 'flair' of this place. The many different roses are out, one can wander around admiring all the details or sitting down, taking it all in and have a refreshment or small snack.The horse stables are cool inside and those doors are always decorated with different wreaths of fresh flowers. I had to take a picture of this strange tree, EG explained it is a paper mulberry and the touch of these fruits is so soft. Those greenhouses make me wanting to have one, quick!

And for sure, I was attracted by the beehives - on my must-have-list, as well. Isn't it practical to still have some old tiles for such a shelter for the bees? EG's skills were immediately of interest ;-). Hex is totally self sufficient, they grow the whole range of fruits and vegetables en masse. They sell what is grown also on local markets.
A few new plants wanted absolutely to get a new home in the Bayous like penstemons, geranium and thalictrum. Some wee ferns - and one not so wee, a Dixonia.
Let's have a small G.I.T. ? (Garden Inspection Tour)

This month of June, the vegetation is slow due to the hard and long winter and the roses just start to show up. One of the first to greet us is Souppert & Notting. The delphiniums and black iris are since more than a year in the 'Grotto border'.

Good to see that the yellow water iris develops well and shows more than one tiny stick.

All this nice green and fresh foliage!

Here are some of my favourites: The early Clematis is in its second year, the linum is so dainty and fits anywhere where it selfseeds, the rose has found a nice partner in the white Valerian and the geranium magnificum has a much better colour than my camera can show.The weather and the temperature changes almost daily, so far we had no long period of what feels like summer but it seems that the flowers enjoy it all.Here on this first picture is one of my experiments: Clematis Jan Fopma meets bamboo... So far, she copes and climbs and climbs. This is the so called 'geese border' next to the -now empty- compound. In the middle the new thalictrum "Black Stockings", a stunning appearance. The rose is Blairii No2, nearly lost in the first hard winter, recovered slowly last year without bloom ... and to get another hit this winter. But, a small shoot came up and is full with buds :-).In the front garden the new hydrangea border and EG's wild plant. Rosa Moyessii is one of the only survivor of the vole attacks. I am looking forward to taste those potatoes -all from Cheshire :-) and enjoy the colombines dancing in the sun.
EG's so called 'Parks and Gardens department' is developping well and slowly. From what was formerly a cow field, gives now a wee illusion to become a real "garden".

The highlight for the camera in the sunshine is always the pond. I cannot stop making pictures with the reflections in the water.

If all works to plan, next time the front garden will be ready to be shown with one of the ramblers flowering -Paul's Himalayan Musk in the big tree and the knot. But in the meantime there will be some more hours of effort and enjoyment.

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  1. I adore flowers Bayou, especially roses. The gardens looked lovely. We have beautiful walled gardens on the neighbouring Isle of Jura, they have some amazing plants and flowers. The islands are warmed by the gulf stream so we have a very mild climate here.

  2. It is so beautiful bayou and your garden is a fair match to the castle, in fact I prefer your less formal style, what an inviting garden you have!

  3. Wow! That looks wonderful in your pictures - how much better it must be in reality. I can almost smell the fresh green and the roses.

    Give me lush and generous planting any day.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I'll have a G&T and another stroll around.

  5. That is just gorgeous. I wish I could walk right into your pictures and wander round with you. Like Pondside, a G&T in hand would be nice!

  6. beatiful pictures o a beautiful and special place

  7. Wunderschoen. Garten und Haus sind mir unbekannt.

    Lovely pictures of a beautiful place. I only wish one could reproduce such scenes im eigenen Garten!