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jeudi 1 juillet 2010

Lié et puis noué

Verbandelt und verknotet
besotted and now knotted

whatever says it best, my symbolic knot has been realised!
Whilst EG was suffering in Dubai at 46°C, I got moral support from my brown assistant gardener.
What I believed to be a 'couple of hours work' turned out to be a full day's job.

Measurements taken a last time, ENFIN! After all this thinking, reflecting, trying to imagine how it would look best, preparing the ground again and again, ENDLICH!

A bottle with sand was used to sketch it down

Eventually the rope could come off again

and planting could start

Almost 300 buxus were needed, once the first 100 were planted I had to rush back to the garden center to get the exact number of what was missing.

Vollbracht, es ist geschafft- done- moi j'appelle ça une réussite!
This was the most fun job in the garden I have ever realised and I am totally happy with the result of my True Lovers Knot, der echte Liebesknoten.
Soon it will get its first trim and one again in September.

The rest of the jungle in the front garden will be attended to during this summer. A pathway has to be layed down, roses and clematis need to climb up the arches a.s.o.

As the garden is so absolutely fantastic at that moment, here are some of my actually preferred combinations.

The first picture shows purple geranium "Patricia", next to it on its right is geranium "Splish Splash", they encounter the (home grown) bi-annual campanulas. On the right is a close up of a campanula with white feverfew (tanacetum).

The rose "The Alchymyst" together with the perennial sunflower. Then the combination of geranium "magnificum" with the rose "Teasing Georgia". The white clouds of crambe are close to a bench as this is the most perfumed place now, in front of it is geranium "Patricia" which tries to reach the same height. Geranium "Southcombe Star" is next to the very blue Campanula "Sarastro".

The ramblers in the hanging gardens are now at their best, the blue clematis on their feet likes it there in the shade. The rose "A Shropshire's Lass" lives side by side with the clematis Texensis.

More of those ramblers.

These foxgloves came from my dear MIL some years ago. They are our "mutants" because the top bud is always over-dimensioned. Below is a Lychnis but its colour is more magenta and I find it very charming together with the pale pink foxglove. The last picture is the rose "Geoff Hamilton" with (home grown) Sweet Williams.

An almost spotless (!) white foxglove. Behind is a new penstemon "smallii".

I like the combination of that white no-name rose together with geranium "Tiny Monster" and the yellow wallflower (cheiranthus).
Below is another no-name which looked first like a small Eden Rose. It came from a German DIY and garden center called Obi and therefore it is now "Obi's Eden".

Those roses are from top left to right: "Geoff Hamilton", "Fantin Latour", "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" (which my camera has troubles with, it is more red) and "Souvenir de Madame Auguste Charles".

Some pond impressions, actually the water is 26°C. Those who have their feet in the water, like this Iris, look the happiest. The agapanthus has developped 9 flowers and they will soon be open.

The best is for the end: "Jude the Obsure" is said to be the rose with the most intense fragrance. This hot and dry weather suits her well. I am sure you can smell her....
P.S. Note that I found the way to allow enlarging the pictures by clicking on them :-)

5 commentaires:

  1. What a lovely visit I've had to your blog. Your flowers are so pretty and I really love the new garden.
    A x

  2. Your garden looks wonderful. Enjoyed watching the knot garden's progress in particular.

  3. I adore flowers and your garden is just brimming with them. I was amazed by your knot garden, what a lot of work.

  4. Well those pics are so beautiful!! What a fab garden you have - I can almost smell those roses and your little knot garden will be lovely.

  5. Gorgeous!...just gorgeous!
    The knot garden is going to be lovely - clever you!