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samedi 5 juin 2010

Another Ancient Book

The weather is fantastic and today the hay will be baled and brought in. There is nothing better than the small of freshly drying hay in the air of a warm evening in June. Hay time is High Time.

First of all, here is the promised picture of grotto's steps down. But this is not what triggers my blog entry. Some bloggers participate on Alphabe-Thursday
and I wondered if the idea was born through alphabetic scrapbooks?
During my last visit to the fleamarket, that's exactly what I found: an old alphabet scrapbook in a very good condition and the pages are filled with plenty of embossed pictures and greeting cards. What is the most surprising, it must have come across from the UK and is truely Victorian. Once this book was in my bag, I continued all my tour with a silly smile on my face. Birthday, Christmas and Wedding Anniversary in once!

You might enjoy those beautiful pages as much as I do:

7 commentaires:

  1. What a lucky find, Quelle chance!!!One day I will go brocanting with you!!

  2. What a treasure! I particularly like the 'L for Lucky'!

  3. What a wonderful find. I love it.
    A x

  4. I'm amazed that such treasures are still to be found - no chance over here. Believe me, ever the optimist, I do search.

    The farmers are making silage here and the lanes are full of young men on huge tractors pulling vast trailers of grass. rush, rush - no time to stop and smell the daisies - or newly mown hay for them.

  5. What a find! A window on another world and not one made by war and politics. Love it.

  6. I too adore the smell of freshly cut hay, we won't be cutting ours until the middle of July this year.
    Fantastic finds at the Flea market.

  7. Hello. I love that book, my latest buy was a mangle ! why ? i've no idea.x