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jeudi 19 février 2009

Look what we have got here

Those two arrived yesterday afternoon, trotted down the road and are obviously lost. It seems to be labrador mum with her female puppy and both are extremely kind.

As they were so exhausted, they layed down in the front yard and as they looked so hungry, I gave them some dog food. I then went in to call the SPA (société protéctrice des animaux) and was told that there was nobody who had called that they were lost and that nobody could come round to pick them up. I then put my shopping away and when I came out again, they had left. After 5 o'clock when the horses come in, I was just feeding the geese, I saw suddenly both of them, again and when I shouted, they immediately came round, found a whole in the fence (?) and welcomed me again.

I then decided that it was too cold for them to stay the night out - we had permanent frost all day- and prepared plenty of old clothes and old towels on a big layer of plastic liner in the 'pig shed' and invited them in. They were immediately laying down and I let them resting for a while. When EG came home, he was somehow surprised but loving animals equally as much, he totally agreed on my decision.

They got more food and water and after having had a last look in the later evening, they stayed without making any noise in their shelter. This morning, they were very happy to see me, we went out and needs were done and then more food.

Really lovely, kind dogs! Mr. Twix, who came from the SPA himself, is not amused, he fears to have some real competition here.

I will go and call the vet now to see if he knows them and then shall see what will be best...
Ces deux charmantes créatures arrivaient hier après-midi chez nous, errant, le regard perdu, mouillées, fatiguées et affamées.
Comme personne ne les a signalé perdu et la S.P.A. n'en pouvait venir les chercher, je leurs ai donné à manger et préparé logis dans l'annexe, la "porcherie". Elles sont totalement gentilles et adorables! Je vais téléphoner au véto maintenant pour voir si il ne connais pas le propriétaire et puis je verrais ce qu'on peut faire...

6 commentaires:

  1. Je pense que peut-être vous avez deux nouveaux membres dans votre famille maintenain!Ils sont adorables !

  2. Awww, that is very kind of you, Bayou. I cannot blame them for wanting to stay at your magical home, so beautiful there. Hope everything works out as they are precious. xxx seashell :)

  3. Ah, I keep trying to comment but to no avail. Will try one more time!
    What I have been trying to say is that I think those are two very lucky dogs to have fetched up with you - and, like UPL, I do wonder if you will soon be owned by two more creatures! But they are clearly too lovely to be strays so maybe someone will claim them.
    Lovely to see you blogging at last! Janexxx

  4. Great! Thanks, Jane and Suemarell and UnpeuL. As the doggies were chipped, I went down to the vet and he scanned the chip, gave me the number of the owner and I called him up. He was not aware that the dogs were missing and I told him that I'll bring them home. When I arrived there I could obviously see that the dogs were happy to see the guy - I would not have left them there otherwise. I left not without having told him that I disapprouved his behaviour and they should be sheltered and fed more regularly.
    Comme les chiens avaient une puce - propablement plusieurs aussi ;-)- j'ai téléphoné à l'adresse pour me faire expliquer que leurs maître ne s'était pas rendu compte que les chiens avaient disparus. Je les ai ramenés auprès de leurs domicile tout en expliquant au gars que je n'approuvais pas son attitude et qu'il devrait mieux les nourrir - heureusement les chiens me montraient que le gars n'était pas violent avec eux.

  5. What a kind person you are Bayou for taking those Dogs in. Pleased the owner was found, hope Dogs are settled, although what a worry that must have been for you Bayou. I hope that the owner took notice of what you said, I have a very soft spot for animals.