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vendredi 27 février 2009

Brocante et Délices

One finds copper pans at the brocante...

...finds THE recipe for "les scampis du chef"

il n'y a plus qu'à...

échalottes, ail et tomates

ajouter du vin blanc ou porto blanc ou juste du jus de citron

de la crème

un peu de basilic

ajouter les scampis

mettre le tout dans les poêlons

puis enfourner pour 20 minutes ou moins.

Délicieux avec une baguette.

Où en sont-ils?


All gone!


One finds this:

Les formes à Madeleines!

One gets simply the recipe from dear UnPeuLoufoque

enjoys some minutes in the kitchen preparing

and gets:


Qui en veut?

Anybody fancy some Madeleines?

6 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for letting us into your kitchen!

    Both scampi and madeleines look scrumptious. I am sure they vanished very quickly.

    I would love to see some more of your recipes and pictures of the results. These are inspiring me to get my old madeleine tin down from the shelf and do a little backing.


  2. I have a madeleines pan too - languishing in the cupboard for lack of a recipe. I'll petition UPL for one!
    Gorgeous copper pans.

  3. Did EG do the cleaning and polishing of the pans and tins Bayou? I am glad the recipe worked!! I must look for some Madelaine tins for myself now!!

  4. Lovely copper tins and the madelaines look so picturesque in their glass bowl. Bet that they didn't last long, def best still warm. Yummy.
    Best go andrustle something up out of not a lot and nowhere near as tasty as the prawn dish!

  5. Delicieux. (Can't get the accent to appear!) Beautiful food and beautiful photos, what could be better! Great for refreshing my French too.

  6. Hello - I have found you at last and congratulate you on your blogs- have read them all. What happened to the lovely yellow labradors? Love your taste in finds from the brocante ....keep on blogging.