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jeudi 20 septembre 2018

A New Beginning or Back to Square One

Hello from the Wild West!

Slowly, slowly we come back to surface. If anybody says we had a hard time, then this is the utter understatement but - and I say it almost daily to dear EG - WE DID IT!!!
Moving house is a big event, moving a farm with all its contents and animals is a huge task but moving country on top of that is a real challenge. It took us more than two weeks since the very house removal end of August, to rest our bodies and to start to settle and every day is like a new adventure.

Luckily, the house, our forever-home, is in a good state and nothing vital is missing. Of course, there is room for improvement and we will bit by bit fix all what we want for our comfort. Change, embellish, design, invent, modernise, make more practical and so on.

We have left a lot behind. And now we start again. Every box seems like a discovery, every room seems unknown but becomes known when the content of a box transforms it into 'ours'. I think the transformation is somewhat difficult because we bought the house with its furniture. Some items have been donated to the Red Cross, some items went to my new Welsh teacher, Keith, the man from the tip. Homebaked cake against Welsh language in its real pronouncing :-). Suddenly the travel to the tip is something I appreciate. My kind of barter business!

Here are some impressions of the last exciting days:

Loading vintage cars in Belgium 

instead of one truck... came two 😮. All the time management went pear-shaped

4 days of stress later... trucks could never reach the final destination. But all 5 cars made it at the end.

My first Village Fete! Produce competition

Flower competition

Cake competition

Dog competition

We bought raffle tickets and WON! First prize! Pub meal for two 💕

Finally the removal truck - much later than agreed, more stress!

But the removal truck was not big enough, despite detailed list of goods. More stress by quickly hiring a small truck
Having to say good-bye to my feathered friends because of transport ban due to sudden outbreak of bird flu was heartbraking. But they found a good new home.

Robby enjoying the last moments on the farm
Minnie does the same in between the removal boxes

Traveling for more than 12 hours. WE DID IT!!!

Next day - perfect wedding weather 👰

Quickly preserving the last harvest from the farm

Finding decent egg supply

                             WE DID IT!!!

Home is where the dog is 💙

I am now busy with the last move: horse is still on the paddock and will be loaded hopefully soon. Wish me luck.

5 commentaires:

  1. I really dont know how you did it....but you did! Wishing you many years of happiness in lovely Wales.

  2. What an amazing move! But you did it! Welcome to Wales and many happy years here xx

  3. Thank you, dear Elizabeth! I am still over the moon to have done it all.

  4. I am in awe at how quickly you moved as I know it is a huge task. I hope you will be very happy in your new domain but I also know that it is stressful to leave a house where one was happy for so many years. I still have my house in Georgia and try to drive there every month, but as it is I think it will take me another year at least. We lived there for over 41 years and the house was packed with stuff. Feb. 2 would have been my husband’s birthday and so as not to feel too sad and eat dark chocolate for comfort I decided to get back to visiting my blogging friends’ blogs, and it helps (and does not add calories!) Thanks for coming to mine when I was unable to visit blogs. Good luck in Wales and I’ll be waiting for more pictures from your new surroundings.

    1. Hello Vagabonde, thank you for your nice comment.I so hope you will get help to sort out your old house with all its treasures and precious memories because after a while it might become a loath, especially when you have all this distance to cover to get there. We are totally happy in West Wales, every day I am thankful to have achieved this giant move and we both know that we did the right thing whilst it was time to do it. I am now on Instagram because blogger has become somehow weird with strange regulations (bayouloveswales). Sending loads of best wishes, Anke