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jeudi 19 avril 2018

Bitter Sweet Farewell

Our beloved farm, for nearly 18 years our home and shelter, is sold. Within the day it was on the market and the first visitors to view it, they fell in love with it and closed the deal at the asking price the same day. There are now a lot of loosers out there...

I cannot believe how things accelerate and in a speed that is scary. However, a young, very enthousiastic, very happy family is keen to move in as quick as possible and this holds now some challenges to EG--- moving all the cars and all the things we don't want to be without in our new home.

The most wonderful moments were spent in our little paradise and we will miss it dearly. But, thankfully we know where we will end up and are looking forward to start afresh in our Old Vicarage in Wild West Wales,

The hard work of the last weeks is accomplished and instead of having plenty of strangers and noisy visitors wandering around our place, it is done and dusted and everybody is happy. Ok, the young family is perhaps a bit more happy than EG and myself right now, but it all feels right. They will grow into the place, they love the pond, they love the old stones and they appreciate all the hard work which was done to realize the stunning result.

On one hand, I feel like burying an old friend and on the other hand I feel like handing over the flame to a next generation. A lovely young family with a dream, the appreciation of generations of hard work to keep the place alive and the desire to give their children the best possible start in the most natural environment. As they said in their own words, 'we are a very happy family and to complete our happiness, we needed a happy house with space'. They were searching for this place for the last two years. Heyho.

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  1. I know how anxious and happy you are to be moving, but I feel a a sense of sadness, too. I know the feeling. We lived in our big two story on a city lot for 18 years, too. It was my dream home, but after breaking my ankle and not being able to navigate the stairs, I said "We need a one level, so we moved. The photo you show is beautiful. What a lovely farm. But hey you are going to wonderful new home and in Whales no less. I had my DNA done through Ancestry and I have markers in the UK, Ireland, Whales--yes. Whales. Don't know who my ancestors were, but its in my blood. And now I have a friend there. Keep in touch Anke.

    1. Thank you, AnI and for your e-mail. I wished to have more time to tell about the move and the garden move if such thing is really happening. But there are some rare species which I would love to try to let them come with us. We shall see. We have 4 months max. and will probably need them, already the administrative issues are huge. xxx, Anke

  2. You are coming to Wales! How wonderful. I wish you all the luck in the world. And even though west wales is around four hours from us in north east Wales, who knows, we may meet again!

  3. Elizabeth, thank you, that would be wonderful to meet again. I still remember so fondly the meeting with the Shropshire/Welsh border people - so much fun!