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dimanche 5 novembre 2017

NGS May Hanham Court Bristol

The last visit to my preferred island, just a week ago in fact, was not planned and rather in a rush. Wee granddaughter was ill with foot, hand and mouth disease - obviously widely spread over Europe right now - and needed a blitz-babysitting session. Managed to get the vet on Sunday for to be able to leave Monday, managed to get the neighbour on duty, luckily the horse was still outside day and night as we have not had any frost so far.
Since we had decided to discard the last (wonderful) house in the Snowdonia after a rather disappointing survey revealing a number of issues we did not want to go through again, our mind is free for what comes up next.

Sunset in Pembrokeshire

Whilst in Bristol, one of our estate agents sent a message about a house we had been interested in but which had been thought sold and which was now back on the market. We could get a viewing for last Sunday and, here we are, deep in thoughts, the both of us. Many things have to be considered, all in all, we are in love with it, however the location is unknown to both of us so far... Prembrokeshire. To be precise: in the middle of nowhere. As we could not find it and had to ask several people, it turns out that everybody we met was so friendly and helpful and we started to tick boxes :-). The box ticking continued all day and even further.
The house is a gem, in pristine condition, the gardens are big enough, the outbuilding can be used for a number of vintage cars, all in all very positive. The location....? 15 min. to town, so the same than here. My top wishlist issue, a private wind turbine, could be realised there.
Loads to consider, a lot to think of.

Meanwhile I want to post the pictures I took when we were in Bristol in May and happend to be spot-on for the NGS open garden scheme. So we visited Hanham Court, a manor house with restored gardens and just a stonethrow away from where the children live.

slots to defend it?

Hanham Court is now family owned and the people who live there are very friendly and enjoy to show their gardens to a wider public.
a very grand entrance to welcome the visitors
this seems to be the main door for the family to use

typical victorian downpipe

all the necessary artifacts 

 There are two long borders to be enjoyed and many of the perennials are also my preferred. Iris, geraniums, fennel, roses, alliums, poppies.

always pots next to seats

the fields are gently ondulated and new fruit trees have been planted

no box disease (yet?)

beautiful vista over the paddock


Some of the elements were added later but the blend between 'new' and 'old' is done in a good way and the pool does not look odd

Peonies, cosmos, lupins and this simple mix does the treat

yew trees 

a tree house for the grandchildren

it was nice to sit there, very peaceful

Behind is the huge walnut tree which had branches laying on the floor, just starting to show leaves

a tree peonie pod

the majestic walnut tree

Quite a handsome estate, however several full time and part time gardeners are working there.

love the pebbles in front

There is even a stumpery like in Highgroove :-) which is very pleasant with the noise of water gently running over the stones

a ruin, as well ;-)

those were the old dog kennels

the greenhouse... rather small ;-)

After all that eye candy we had delicious carrot cake...

... right under these arcades, very practical if the weather had not stayed dry

I hope this stroll was enjoyable - it was a pleasant and happy day and I hope I will have the chance to enjoy more NGS days in future.

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  1. Hello Anke. What lovely, beautiful photos. Such a contrast to here in on the prairie. I am so sorry about the baby. Can you tell me what hand-foot-and mouth disease is? Perhaps it is as common here, but by another name. My first trip to the UK was when Hoof and Mouth was about--Remember Summer 2001? Made traveling a bit more cumbersome and we had to do something with our shoes coming back into the country. Dip them in a solution perhaps. Some threw them away. I should write a nice long email to catch you up here--Really there is little to write home about, much less across the ocean. Pretty dull, normal stuff--as long as I don't watch the television news and keep my head in the sand. Love love the beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Ann, for your nice comment. This virus is something 'new' but widely spread now and should affect only kids upto 10 years old. Seems I was a bit run down perhaps but much better now. The infection is in the mouth, on the inner sides of the hands and on the feet, a kind of rash, fiever, runny nose and generally feeling ill. My granddaughter had very red cheekes due to the many blisters in that area but has overcome it all now. One is still contagious after upt to 4 weeks, thant's why it spreads so heavily, as well.
      I remember foot and mouth, we had to drive through special desinfection channels with the car then. What a catastrophy that was! I hope it will never happen again.

  2. Hello Bayou
    Lovely to catch up...i have finally managed to find a minute to visit blogland. How exciting that you are moving back i must now read some of your previous blogs for more of the tales.
    I do hope your grandchild is getting better x

    1. Posie!!! Oh Joy, that is a long time, indeed. How lovely to see you. I hope you are doing fine. Thank you, granddaughter is back to normal. xxx