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vendredi 1 avril 2016

Wonderful Workshop

Here are, as promised, 'some' pictures of that fabulous workshop at Hope & Elvis I was so privileged to participate in, again!

Christine Kelly, our awesome artist and teacher has already posted some impressions on her blog:

As last year (I blogged about here), such a weekend needs for me a lot of preparation in beforehand. In total it represents some 800 km (500 miles) one way up to Nottinghamshire and in order to have only 2 nights to spend in a B&B, I did the journey up North on Friday and back on Sunday. The road was good this time, no disruptions, jams or bad weather and no waiting time for the ferries. 
However, I hope that, if one day Christine decides to do a workshop again, or if there is something really tempting to go to Louise's Hope & Elvis, I want to be re-located to the UK by then ;-).

Saturday was an entire day of relaxation and enjoyment. I was again impressed that a lot of participants come also from far, the lovely lady I sat next to on Sunday morning came up from East Sussex. 


Entering the workshop, there is so much to discover! 

As always, every one of Christines artwork is beautifully displayed

Pictures of the 'treasure table'

the table with all the treasures to choose from inspires so well

Christine even brings her typewriter in case one would chose this option instead of stitching the words
In Hope & Elvis' workshop is also a lot of choice for free use
and plenty of creative examples of former workshops decorate the walls

I loved the bags from like-minded ladies

this made me smile

Louise has also a 'shop' and if I had not always the reminder 'upcoming removal across the channel', I would have bought some items

Christine explaining where she gets her inspirations from

cute table decoration 

lovely lady in action

when a dress has a hidden pocket...
....then it is hers :-)

every item on the bunting is an artwork in itself

gentle colours

the tea-died tags give this keepsake such a stunning addition

one of my most prefered piece of art Christine has made

her birds have always a unique expression

there was again a fantastic lunch served

ginger cake - so yummee!


These following pictures are the works of each participant - gorgeous creations, don't you find?

 I am sure that every lady who attended the course was absolutely equally captured by Christines gentle spirit.


More pictures of former workshops :

I loved the embroidered buttons on this cardigan

The legendary toilet of Hope & Elvis must not be forgotten to be mentioned :-))))

 Thank you so much, dear ladies for your warm welcome and for a fantastic weekend spent in your company! Also thanks to all the other nice ladies who attended. You all add to my huge desire to make the UK my forever home. 

6 commentaires:

  1. What can one say? Wonderful, lovely work, what a super few days you must have had.

  2. Hello Anke. I agree. I'd like to relocate in the UK, too--for a while. A short while. Christine's work is sol beautiful. I don't know what i loved the best. I hope you and your husband are well and that he has recovered fully. Things here keep humming along.

  3. Dear Bayou, what a beautiful, quiet, gentle atmosphere seems to surround this workshop. I can completely understand why this was not your first attendance.
    I am curious to see what you might have made during those days, and hope you might share a view with us.

    Best wishes to you and your on all your future plans. xo

  4. What a wonderful time you must have had. I can see that this workshop would suit you perfectly. I smile when I think of the lovely creation that sits above my worktable - from your hands to my little house. I love it!

  5. Dear Anke. It was lovely to meet you at the workshop. I wouldn't have been able to sew my ''love always ' keepsake without your kind help with the loan of the needle threaders. Thankyou so much. Cristina x

    1. Dear Cristina, it was my pleasure! And as I said before, it was such a treat to meet you and all other lovely ladies.