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mardi 5 avril 2016


There are so many pictures of spring in blogland but we need it!

Come on in for a stroll around EG's daffodil land:

bunches of all different daffodils in the orchard 

down by the stream a sea of flowers brightening up from far

people even stop their cars to make pictures

all along the stream, there are now daffodils

plenty of hellebores in the main garden

really black

Corydalis - need more of them

Leucojum - the later tall variety - aestyvum gravetye giant

Fritillaria 'Elwesii' - had forgotten that I had one and remembered our snowdrop trip and meeting Sir Elwes

all our spring bulbs end up in the garden after they have had their time in pots

he loves daffs 

so far, the magnolias will stay nice as there is no frost forecast for the next days

all hands on now outside - this pathway will be re-layed soon

Until next time :-)

8 commentaires:

  1. I'm gasping at the beauty you have shown us. River, daffodils, what more coulld one want. A very beautiful post.

  2. Bayou, please pass along my compliments to the EG. Daffodil land is spectacular! xo

  3. I like what Elizabethd writes. Just what I wanted to say. Whether you see one daffodil or ten thousand, as Wordsworth writes about in his poem, it is never enough. And yours are fabulous.

  4. What a treat to see this familiar landscape in its spring dress - glorious colour! Your EG has created an Eden.

  5. Such beauty, isn't it all so exciting to see the color returning to our landscapes.

  6. So so, die Frau mit einem englischen Gärtner! Danke für deinen Besuch. Wenn es nach mir ginge, könnte ich glatt nach Schottland umziehen. Da findet man dann allerdings keine Arbeit und die Familie ist weit weg.


    1. Hallo Sigrun, danke für deinen Kommentar. Das ist es ja gerade, wir brauchen keine Arbeit mehr und die Familie ist schon dort ---- stay tuned :-)

  7. That was a great show of daffodils – they must be gone by now, but more lovely flowers will come with summer. Next week will be summer here already because they are announcing temperature in the high 80s, low 90s (31 to 33 C) – this is too warm too soon! I re-read all the nice comments you posted on my blog – thank you so much dear friend. I’m sorry that I cannot read blogs as often as I wish – I hope it will get better once we are moved, but that will be in several months at least. I still try to go on little trips close to home to take my husband out of the house – as when he is inside he does not know what to do anymore. Friday is supposed to be nice and cool, so we’ll try to explore somewhere – and I’ll take my camera.