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dimanche 29 juin 2014

Is There a Better Month than June?

June is my month. This June has been THE month of roses.
We started our garden tours with the visit to Château Hex, a highlight for us. We don't live far from it and have never been disappointed to spend some hours there. The owner opens his gardens twice a year, in June and in September. 

The castle is not open to visitors, only the gardens are

There are always beautiful stands to be admired

and always nice things for sale, all is so natural and pleasant

a feast for the eye

in June, it gets the label 'rose festival'

A painter artist offered special draws of your 'home' (top left)
The house garden with the box hedges gets more and more holes - reminds me of my box knot 

stroll round

the well has got a new roof recently

I loved the rambler in the pear tree but it had no label

 As always, some wee plants came with us and on the road outside were sweet cherries for sale, not expensive and delicious to eat just like that. I got some more and back home, made cherry-cassis jam.

Here are some pictures from the garden now. We have had glorious sunshine for many many days in June and enjoyed all meals 'al fresco' with guests or alone :-).

the view from the bedroom window, the rambler in the beech tree is Paul's Himalayan Musk'

the climbers in the yard: 'Félicité et Perpétue' and right is a glimpse of 'AmericanPillar'

a bunch of 'Albertine' and 'Constance Spry' inside


'Constance Spry'

The rose 'Alchymist' (top left) starts more apricot and fades later into light yellow

top left is 'Buff Beauty' (made by EG :-)
my poppies had no shocking colours this year
below right is phlomis, interesting all year

top left: 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'- top right 'Bredon'
down left 'Raubritter', down right 'Madame Prevost'

'Teasing Georgia' with a rose bug - the very first time I saw one in our garden, he's got such a shiny armour :-) It must be heaven to hide in her petals.
the crambe cordifolia behind the bench has done well this year because i gave it some support at the right time. In front is geranium psilostemon Patricia

June is also my birthday and this is my special treat from EG:
We went yesterday to Malmédy, Les roses de Daniel (http://www.danielschmitz-roses.com/new-rosiers-de-warren

A new Australian breeder sells his roses through Daniel Schmitz and we went for the open days, it was also their 20th anniversary of the nursery.
For the very first time, these new roses were shown to the public and I felt very privileged to be able to see them (and to chose some of course).

These roses are said to be disease resistant and I am very curious to see how they will behave in our not so gentle conditions and climate. We were able to chat with Warren Millington himself and he claims that his roses grow so quick that diseases have no time to establish ;-). However, he advises to prune them regularly and quite severely. 

It was difficult what to chose out of so many beautiful species. 
They have very nice names, as well :-)

Here is only a selection of what was in flower, some were still a bit shy to show all of their grace. Note to myself: the one EG was fond of was Hilda Sophia Lehman, it might come home a next time...

on the right below is one which came home (Magical Moment)

this made me laugh, the name is best bet but on the roses the label read 'best bed'

Igraine looks very promising

 Isabelle et le Magicien d'Oz is the name of  a rose without name which was given from Warren to Isabelle (she gave it its name) because she is the link between Warren and Daniel. See her blog on my blog roll on the right (A little bit of Paradise). Her rose was baptised yesterday and the sale of this rose goes entirely to fund raising for 'Télévie' -cancer research.

Arahan was very tempting but Lilac Jewel came with us

This had to come home! Such a pretty one and such a cute name.

L'Oiseau Chanteur, *sigh* (der Singvogel, the singing bird)

'Love Crazy' the description said that it makes you fall in love, unmistakably

Platinum Blonde is also now back home

'Wow Factor ' got its name right but Ruffled Burgundy came back home

So delicate and  light
This one, I find, is as light as butterfly wings - was it 'Magical Moment'?

The reason to have had time to post these pictures instead of planting my roses, is that -eventually- it rains. It was much needed but it could stop now, please.

5 commentaires:

  1. I would have liked at least one each of those marvellous roses. You made some lovely choices.
    Albertine is one of my favourites, my grandmother grew it in her garden and although it only has one flush of flowers it's worth it.
    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, June Child! It sounds like your trip to see/purchase roses was the perfect celebration. I well remember the gardens at Hex and would love to see them in their early summer splendour. Enjoy your last days of June!

  3. Belated birthday wishes to you, Bayou. All these roses are so beautiful. I am continually awed by all the varieties. As I looked at this post, I imagined heavenly scents to accompany the photographs.

    i continue to yearn for a garden...perhaps next year.


  4. hi!
    thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog- I've been absent for a while- blogging began to feel a bit like a chore so I excused myself , and now I'm back refreshed, having realised I can simply blog when I want and enjoy it all the more!
    Love these beautiful roses and your gorgeous photos.
    Elaine xx

  5. Your post with all these beautiful roses is a feast for the eyes! I love roses and dearly miss my rose garden, but in Georgia weather, it took too much time to care for them, so now I enjoy looking at roses from afar or going to gardens. We did not see many flowers on our last trip as it was a bit early for the season, but I have not downloaded my photos yet … been busy going to events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War around here – there are so many places where a battle took place. It’s nice to go back and read all my favorite blogs.