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mercredi 29 août 2012

Das Leben ist herrlich

Wonne im Bauch, Vorfreude, joie anticipée.
Warm summer days, nice memorable holiday encounters, happy animals.

The truck is all sorted and has been out for a picknick, quite handy such a mobile summer holiday entertainment vehicle :-). Quite pleased that EG got it got a reliable oldtimer.

We shall have loads of quinces for delicious quince jelly :-)

But not a lot of apples as some greedy jays are pecking them all.

A few flowers were not destroyed by the plague of voles, these little beasts which cannot be found in the UK --- another reason to move ;-).

The look over the pond pleases my eye, as always. We had even the kingfisher's visit this year but no camera handy then.

Summer at its best.

My new camera is able to catch it all with true colours.

It is a big joy to see how many little swallows have been raised this summer. Some are barn swallows, others are house martins.

It was obviously not too hot on the roof tiles for them to sit and enjoy that day.

Now Fräulein Susanne is all ready and delighted to receive more guests...

Das Leben ist herrlich!

7 commentaires:

  1. What a beautiful set of summer photos Bayou - thanks for sharing them. x Jo

  2. Your pictures perfectly encapsulate Summer...well, the better parts of summer, that is!

  3. This post really does send a wonderful late summer message. I like the look of that picnic...and the transport vehicle seems just perfect for feast deliveries!

    I have not seen that word "vole" in a very long time, and now am going to have to do some research to see what those critters actually look like.


  4. I like the look of that picnic – was that a bottle of Champagne or some fancy beer in the white ice bucket? Your photos are very sharp and the colors glorious – I liked the photo of the dainty flowers.

    1. yes, it was our favourite pink Cava in that bucket, Vagabonde.

  5. The happy farmer would so approve of EG's transport and the photos of the Scottish flag. Love the pic of him at mechanics...it could have been the happy farmer :-)
    The summer looks glorious there, full of photos of how life should be, I hope you had a good one.

    1. It only came so late, this summer but everything was for us perfect timing: every time when there was party or visitors or holiday makers we had gorgeous warm summer weather. Hope it was the same for you, Posie.