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mardi 17 juillet 2012

Boyz and their Toyz

Oh dear!

Why oh why did I have to have chosen a crazy Englishman as the love of my life?

Some women are blessed with men who, reaching a certain age, will just be happy by having a wee Harley.

Not so my EG.

That phone call from the Netherlands in June, from his way back from a customer, explaining that he was near Venlo and asking me if I wanted fresh asparagus should have already alerted me. Has he ever called me and asked a question about such a minor thing like food provisions? But I was not in my 'questioning mood' and continued my tasks. An hour or so later, my dear husband called - again from the Netherlands - asking if I fancied to go out for dinner at our local pub. Me, very happy with the outlook of not having to cook, innocently said 'yes' and still did not have any alarm bells ringing about such unusual pro-active attitude.

Once at the pub, after the third beer, my dear EG started to grin from one ear to the other - a very 'naughty-boy-grin', indeed. As this huge grin did not fade, I suddenly got alert! Seconds later: "Oh no, you went not only on business purpose to the Netherlands?!"
Grin became even bigger. Then my penny dropped! EG bought THE truck.
Since weeks he had shown everybody who wanted or not the picture of this vintage American army truck he had fallen in love with but I thought if I ignored his hang for it, it would just pass. I also thought until then that every big investment is discussed in common. I should have known better....

After the business transaction had been concluded, it was only a matter of time when he would have "hooked" his friend P. to get him as the most reliable ally.

So, a week later, off they went, friend P. with the "big one" - a semi-trailer and EG on his side.
I got phone calls every two hours to explain the positions and in the evening, there they came back:

Truck is blocking the view over the 'blue Ardennes'.

The adventure had to be commemorated in the village pub and a very happy EG and an equally as happy friend P. - P. is dreaming since to get his own TANK - could be seen very excited over the whole special week end.

Because the truck had to be unloaded in our driveway and it turned out to be a wee bit too small for the semi-trailer.
Once a plan B had been elaborated, (every neighbour and his dog were out to not to miss a second of this unique spectacle) EG's toy could have been unloaded. The word could is to be mentioned because the toy would not start....
It turned dark and the neighbours had had enough of entertainment, perhaps there was eventually something better on TV?
Another Plan B had to be thought of and the heavy Range Rover was kicked into action to pull the wee truck down the semi-trailer.

Some time later, all was fine, the truck was at home and sorted.

Next day, a full inspection could take place in daylight:

The whole toy turns out to be in perfect condition and has some very fine and useful accessories. I especially love the winch and the vice :-)

The hanging net can keep plenty of useful things, as shown, there are two folding benches and sort a camping bed. The wooden floor is in best condition as is the cover.

All is in working condition and clean and neat.

The radiator has a shutter to protect against the sand or dust.

All the technical parts are immaculate, the engine is fine and when it turns, it purrs like a cat, not loud at all. Assuming that you have fuel in the tank, lol...

Someone had to go to the custom office as the truck comes from the Netherlands. Where, in free EU can one still find a custom office? I happened to find one and finally got it regulated.

Someone had to find a garage, as EG did underestimate the size of his many garages (all occupied by non working vintage cars).

Someone had to find out how to get the toy through technical inspections.

Someone had to search for a 6V bulb as one headlight did not work.

Someone had to find an appropriate insurance company.

Someone had to sort out for the special registration number.

One day, everything might be sorted and the truck might go on shows...
One day someone who happens to have a truck driving licence might drive it herself ;-)

Update July 19th: WE passed the technical inspection!
Someone can not be rewarded more than by that smiling face of my EG. Again, I count my blessings. After all, those men with a hang for Harleys - they are not playing in my league *ggg*

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh Bayou....BIG sympathy.
    Boys and their toys are bad enough, but when they're this big - well, it's just a good thing that you have a sense of humour (and a sense of order and a truck license!)
    Do you think that your dear EG might have room in one of his garages for a 1953 TR-3? I would gladly pay the extra baggage charges to bring it with me. It's in 1000 pieces.
    Does your EG know what a luck fellow he is, to have someone as accommodating of an old truck as you are?

  2. Bayou, this is a charmingly told tale, and I look forward to the next installment.

    Does Someone think that this toy will do as an adventurous pursuit for a long, long time, or will another adventure be required before the end of the year?


  3. In literary German one would say: 'don't paint the devil on the wall', Francis!
    I hope he will be happy with that one for a while...
    Pondie, he is already keen to get bits of the TR3 at home- the only thing is he did not expect it to be so far away, lol

    Thanks for your comments, gals, I was just a bit concerned if I was too harsh on him... good thing is: he read it and had a thought about my point of view :-)) Mission accomplished ;-)

  4. That is certainly a large toy! But with its dull green color you could take it camping in nature and observe animals easily. In addition that is a lot safer to drive than a Harley. Will you get a special license to drive it?

    1. Hi Vagabonde, thanks for passing by! No need for a special license, I got it since many years. And to hide the toy even more in the green, it comes with a camouflage net. We had recently a nice picknick with it, big fun!

  5. Oh my word Bayou! You are a VERY patient girl indeed. But it does look rather a handsome beast. Will you be going off on over night camping jaunts? :)