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jeudi 30 septembre 2010


All what I had hoped to discover in Scarborough, I found in Whitby!

Already coming close to it, we could guess that this town has some enchantment to it. A little market was up and the narrow streets were so inviting.

The jeweller had wonderful hand crafted jet treasures and EG chose a very special necklace with Whitby jet for me. (I hope Friko IS now green ;-)

The "Shepherds Purse" could not be passed without getting into it. I so loved the atmosphere inside and took my time to do some purchases. Could you resist this?

Here is a shop with painted tiles. Perhaps they come from our artist in Britanny?

I would have loved to sit in "Marie Antoinette's" and to taste those delicious looking cakes on their stands but there were so many other things to discover as well!

In this place were several stands with all kind of crafty items for sale, as one can find out by the organ pipes, it must have been a church before. :-o

And then these inviting places with fresh food. But before that, we had to climb up.

EG insisted to crack all those 199 steps up to the East Cliff and St. Hilda's Abbey.

On the way up was this bit of "garden". I call it a sea garden. I love the way it is arranged and all the artifacts going with it. And in the air were all the noisy seagulls.

It was well worth the effort of getting up here, as the view is absolutely stunning!

What a place for the eternal rest, overlooking it all - forever.

Back down, we changed sides across the famous bridge - it was once closed for a long time due to repair works and we wondered how people managed that disruption?! - for to arrive to the world-famous "Magpie", people queuing for getting fish & chips from there. It was only 11 h in the morning...

But we could not, we had to catch "ous bous" (not sure how one would write in Yorkshire? I heard it and the sound was like "ussbuss") :-))))

It is a steam powered Sentinel and last of its kind still running. We had a somewhat bumpy, smoky ride uphill and down again and the funny comments from the lady were just unique and unforgettable.

After some delicious fish & chips we went back to our car park und found plenty of grey naughty seagulls pecking on the car roofs.

That was all much too short in Whitby but we wished to see the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and that was still some miles further and the tide had to be respected....

5 commentaires:

  1. I love whitby - haven't been there for years, but what a lovely reminder. Thank you.

  2. Oh Bayou - I am so glad you loved it - it is a really special place isn't it!!! Your photos are brilliant and certainly capture Whitby at its best - thanks lots for my little day trip!!!

  3. love Whitby - love the North East - can hardly wait for the next episode

  4. Oooh sea air and fish and chips, can't beat it. I don't know about Friko being green, I am green, lucky you. How lovely to be spoilt like that. I now want to visit Whitby.

  5. You had me at fish and chips - and then the stone and boats and shops....what a holiday!