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jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Between Journeys - entre les voyages

When one expat comes "home", there are several things on the must-do list:
eat Fish & Chips as soon as in Britain
enjoy the family
visit a garden
savour nice pub (and food)
go into a garden center
enhance UK's economy in a craft shop (duty of expat's wife)
spend hours in a book shop.

This visit in Cheshire included also to welcome new family members: 2 Bantam ladies and one Wyandotte. They are so lucky to come into a vegetarian's family!
And we spent a long visit to this farmhouse shop. Sadly, we don't have those in Belgium. It has something to do with Brussels... the farmers here suffer severe regulations and I am afraid that this won't get any better. However, those delicious Cheshire potatoes are still enjoyed here and I was surprised to find "Cheshire chocolate".

Whilst it was foreseen to visit Bodnant gardens in Wales, this plan was quickly obsolete when EG saw the adverts for Tatton Park. But not for the gardens but for the Classic Car Show. Who could have resisted that unique occasion?

I always admire the details. I think that only in former times, car builders did have a good idea what cars should look like. This is perhaps why there are so many vintage car lovers in this world. It reveals nostalgia and an eye for the beauty.

Often, I find, that the owners of the vintage cars are a bit like the owners of dogs: after a while, one looks like the other. Those owners mostly have lived through a big part of their life with their beloved cars. They never get tired talking - with bright eyes - about the power, speed, year of construction, how many are still remaining in good working order and you see them always with a polishing cloth in their hands (often black from working on their cars). I use to try to get a glance of their hands, it will tell you immediately who is who ;-).

And for sure, the British will always be equipped for not so good weather and having the kettle ready. Although, the British humour will always be on display.

This gentleman with the purple car, which is called a "Royale", had built it all by himself out of a Ford Grenada's technical parts.

The Sphinx on the Armstrong Siddeley (first picture left) is something I recognise as there are two of those waiting in the garage to see daylight.
Also the number of picknick baskets caught my eye. This one was even in use! And the nice bloke with this light blue Ford :-))) - he had a dog's water bowl in front, lit his pipe and cheered to us with his beer. If you haven't yet, you will love the spirit of the event!

The warning sign to keep hands off was laying on the seat of the Jaguar E-Type which was parked next to our (non-vintage) car. He had to come back later to close his top but left the sign.

My best preferred will always be such a convertible wee Mercedes, like that red one. Not at all matching with EG's wish to have a Bentley Mulsanne ;-) - who needs such a big ship? And imagine, the wee twin boys trample on the elegant leather seats on the rear... they would not find any space in such Mercedes.

The next journey will be a long waited for event: another wedding in Scotland! We will drive through East Anglia, Scarborough, Holy Island (in that area we will try the best coffee in Britain ;-) ) and then up to the Fife. The way back will be in one shot as our housesitter has to be in Birmingham on Monday. So much to look forward to!

6 commentaires:

  1. The Great Dane can't resist a vintage car show either. I'll have to show him your photos. The whole visit sounds perfect - all the right elements - food, cars, scenery, family.....

  2. Have a fab holiday...it looks like you are. I loved the to do holiday list, sounds like my kind of list, I wanted to join you for the fish and chips and craft shopping and farm shopping...sigh, and then a wedding, the ultimate, enjoy xx

  3. I have alwasy wanted a rolls royce silver ghost myself !!!

  4. vintage car owners looking like their cars? That's a new one on me.
    But a lovely idea; does the resemblance grow as the owners themselves become vintage?

  5. That was very noble of you - giving up Bodnant in favour of vintage cars!

    I shall study their owners very carefully in future re resemblances.

    Call in if you are nearby.

  6. Hm funny you have no farm shops in Belgium we have plenty around here, so next time you are in Hamburg let me know and I give you a list. Have a nice time in Scotland wish I could join you....