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lundi 11 mai 2009

Invitation to our garden - un tour de notre jardin

May I invite you today and having a tour. We call it GIT = Garden Inspection Tour and must have it every day.

Our garden was first a field with cows on it. The good thing about it is that the soil is rich and fertile, the difficult bit was to make a garden out of wilderness. We started in 2004 when we dug a huge hole for the natural pond. Luckily, I convinced EG that we would need a digger. The digger worked for 5 days. But this is another story. Due to these transformations, a new layout took place and had to be filled with plants. Whilst EG is responsible for the "park and garden department", which includes stripes for his grass, I am more into the flowers and perennials.

So let's start!

At the top gate, the Trevarno Azalea welcomes us at this moment and it survived now the 4th Belgian winter which has been hard for a plant from mild Cornwall. But now, it's well off.

Now we arrive at the top pool

and here is the wee water stream which connects the top pool with the pond -
it was tricky to realise as the water has to run over the stones...

I love this feature, acer purpureum, white Brunnera and Hosta as well as wee lily of the valley

Here you can guess the wee water stream from far

This is one of EG's passions: Acer. In this case wee Acer griseum.

My preferences are often purple ;-) : Geranium cinereum Ballerina

Geranium cinereum Carol

Pond Lobelia

One of the actually dominating flowers in the Eastern embankment

Geranium phaeum album and Geranium Beth Chatto - the blue behind is a seedling, it might be from Orion

Epimedium (fleurs des elfes) - so dainty! I have discovered them in Foerster's garden and will continue planting some in shade

We are now at the geese border with huge Geranium oxonianum Southcombe Star, a real star when in flower and then it will be for all summer long, but patience is still required....

This is the view from behind the geese border

What's around after that corner? For instants Ulmus Beijing Gold, still a young lad

And here we have the hanging gardens with (original English!) runner beans to come up. The lattuce need protection from the two fellows.

Now we arrive on EG's "green" and the orchard

Plenty of pears to expect for the first time

Wee watch dog - can you see him? He can see you, no doubt!

This completes the tour and finally there is a picture of one of my preferred Geraniums phaeum (Zoë told me it's called "Mourning Widow" in the UK - who did find that name?) The bees and me, we love it - whatever the name is.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

As you were so brave to follow it all, here is some of my best rhubarb cake - the recipe can follow for who wants.

6 commentaires:

  1. Totally gorgeous and so big. Talking big I'll just have a big bit of cake. Got any clotted cream?

  2. I most certainly love those geraniums in partic, and am a greedy liner upper for the rhubarb cake recipe. LOVE rhubarb, both in an eat way and a pink way.

  3. Bayou what a gorgeous garden you have. Thank you for the tour. I am a BIG geranium fan too but don't know any of their names!
    Mmmmm The Cake looks gorgeous, so I think the recipe is required!

  4. Such a lovely garden Bayou. Thank you for the tour and cae xx

  5. Hallo Alice_im_ Wunderland!

    Von Taesing Georgia aus dem MsG Forum habe ich erfahren dass du ebenfalls einen Blog hast! Ich hoffe nur, dass du dich noch an die Zeit im MsG Forum und an mich erinnern kannst. Leider kann ich kein französisch und mit mit englisch hab ich auch meine kleinen Problemchen. Da ich ja aber weiss dass du deutsch kannst, brauch ich mich auch nicht mit irgendweiner Übersetzung abmühen! :-)

    Vielleicht schaust du ja auch mal bei mir vorbei, ich würde mich jedenfalls riesig darüber freuen

    Liebe Grüße Lis