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jeudi 16 avril 2009

Happiness is...

...sharing time with friends

Le bonheur c'est...
...partager du temps avec des amis

Glück ist...
... seine Zeit mit Freunden zu verbringen

I took my wee black stallion and we travelled to Hamburg. It was 22°C and a blue sky when we arrived there and it would last for the weekend. Hamburg gives me always a feeling of arriving "at home".

Next day, together with the lovely TG, we set out for Berlin
As a warm-up, we visited the famous Foerster Garten in Potsdam.

Haus, Senkgarten und sogar die berühmte Katze.

All springflowers were out and on show

as was the wee Pipany bag

Then, we enjoyed shopping at Foerster-Stauden plant center. A huge choice of all kinds of perennials and I suddenly understood why TG needs always to carry her books and lists with her - one gets easily confused.

After a nice rest in the Dutch center in Potsdam, we visited other friends and had a meal with them in Berlin close to our hotel.

Next day, before the gates were open, we were waiting for to get entrance to the Staudenmarkt.

TG, professional as always, fully equipped with bags and trolley. For myself, there was not such necessity as I had no intention of buying much :-).

Not only plants were to discover but also nice garden decorations.

At the end, TG's trolley carried mostly my stuff, as she had been much more moderate.....
This is wee black stallion carrying beauties.
After a coffee with the Berlin friends, we went back to Hamburg. Next day was the Bauernmarkt in Volksdorf.
Typical old village totally restored as in the old times and very charming.
I heard a little boy shouting " sooo viel Glück!" which means sooo much good luck! when his eyes caught the big pile of horse shoes.
Finally we had a nice bbq in the wee garden in Hamburg

Fantastic days that was and I hope it will be repeated.

Thank you, TG!

As a matter of fact, we did a lot of good to the German economy. In the meantime, both our gardens have welcomed plenty of new beauties.

The next event will be this weekend for those in North Germany the Spring days on the Kiekeberg and those who live more in the West, they will go to Celles, in Belgium, where the "plantes rares" will be on show. I will certainly take my lists of "have-got-plants and need-to-have plants" as my dear friend TG learned me.

5 commentaires:

  1. ca va, que mon commentaire est en anglais? I have enjoyed the trip to Hamburg with you. The photos are great- the daffodils are so clear, and what a garden centre.I'm sure you bought some real treasures.The little village looks cute. I hope you also enjoyed the brocante at Verviers.

  2. What super photos Bayou. So envious of you trip to buy plants and to the market. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Lots of lovely planting to do now then some boring watering - which is what I have just been doing.

  3. What lovely photos, I would so love a trip to your market.

  4. You are so right, happiness is so much better shared with friends!What fun you have had.

  5. Oh dear you were on my doorsteo and I didn't know: Museumsdorf Volksdorf is 10 minutes on the bike from where I live:-(