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jeudi 16 juillet 2015


In fact, many happy days in the Vosges!

A perfect couple, a perfect wedding.

5 commentaires:

  1. What a beautiful shot! I look forward to hearing about the celebration!

  2. Bayou, this photograph is so lovely, so romantic! Please so send along my very best wishes to this couple for many more years of happiness as their lives continue to blend.


  3. Ah Anke, what a gorgeous wedding photo. The wedding must have been gorgeous. Best wishes to the happy couple. I would imagine that you are very glad to have it done, though. And no I have not forgotten you, but yes I do forget to get a left off. I will try to work on that this week. I hope you are well and resting from a very busy summer.

  4. After all our trips I am finally able to read blogs. The photo you show is very pretty and evocative – it must have been a lovely wedding.

    On your comment on my blog you mentioned half baths. Here in the US they say ‘half bath’ when it contains just a toilet and a sink – a ‘full bath’ contains also a bath tub or shower. I read that Europe this year has had a warm summer - was it so in Belgium? In Georgia we have had an unusually not too warm or humid summer which is a nice change. I hope your summer is going well and you have time to enjoy it.