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mercredi 25 mars 2015

On The Road Again

Our last travel to Bristol gave us the opportunity to stop for a visit in Wisley Gardens.

EG had never been before and it was cool enough and we found a shady space in the (very crowded) car park because the dog had to wait there.

Signs of early spring and glorious sunshine let us enjoy the visit to the utmost.

Camelias, Daphnes and lots of little Iris were out. 



witchhazel, daffodils and winter aconites 

We then entered the big greenhouse where the butterfly exhibition was advertised but the waiting time was indicated with 45 minutes - we would have skipped it.

But when we arrived to the butterfly glasshouse entry, the queue was only 10 minutes long and we decided to wait. Not even one minute later, we could enter - it is always a limited number of people admitted to view the butterflies.

beautiful medinillas

butterfly-like callistemons

real biotops for all the wonderful butterflies

they adored the fruit plates which were scattered around


my camera lens got immediately steamed-up and I had to put it for a few moments close to the sunlight to warm it up

if they were not still, it was very difficult to 'catch' them

isn't nature the most beautiful creator?

I think this is also a tillandsia type

those 'beards' will always remember me the real Bayous in Louisiana

it seemed as if all the flowers were in direct competition to the butterflies

We were so happy to not have missed these wonders.

Further outside we could admire all the little spring flowers.

some different iris came with us from the shop

some snowdrops came with us 'in the green' as well

Due to the sunshine, the bees were out

the alpines were under glass

I first thought that this was an ant hill

From Bristol we went next day to the Vintage Jumble Sale in Box where all of us found something nice to buy and then we went to the closely Bradford on Avon - since  a long time on top of my wishlist. 

what dilemma for to decide about the haircut - I think my brother-in-law  would sign it ;-)

The weather was not as good as the day before and when it started to rain, we decided to enter the pub:


Great place, fine food, lovely refreshments,  a good time was had by all.

Right now, I count down the hours to leave for the UK again. Nottinghamshire will be my destination. OH JOY, another workshop of Gentlework!

So much looking forward to visit an area in the UK I have never been to and to discover the place where Hope & Elvis is situated.
The Nikon will come this time and I hope to be able to show a lot of this very special weekend then.

3 commentaires:

  1. Dear Bayou, it's been a joy to see this post and imagine myself alongside you and the EG as you visited the garden and beautful village. What is funny is that only a ten minute walk away from my apartment is our own Museum of Natural History that has an annual exhibit featuring butterflies. I have never visited it.

    Promising to see that exhibit the next time it arrives. I'll even take my camera.

    Meanwhile, we still patiently await something that really looks like Spring will show up in Central Park.


  2. Gorgeous photos, Bayou!......and great that you were reminded of your namesake Bayous! The shots of the butterflies are so special. I have never been to a display like that.
    I hope you'll post more about Gentleworks. It sounds like you have found a niche - though I imagine that you could teach a thing or two!
    Sending an Eskimo nose rub from the frozen prairie!

  3. I really enjoyed looking at all your colorful pictures. There were several flowers and plants I had never seen before. There is always such a profusion of lovely spring flowers in England – it must be the climate. I long to return to England and go into a proper pub. It is so nice for you to be so close and able to visit often.