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mardi 22 octobre 2013

Les jours se suivent mais ils ne se ressemblent pas

All these past months it seemed to me that it would be a waste to spend the glorious sunny days on the computer for to post a blog entry. Today was another glorious day, warm, it even felt like summer. And whilst I am writing, an impressive thunderstorm comes down, loads of heavy rain and Bangbüx, the chocolate dog, hides under my chair.

What a great moment this autumn is. Colours and smell and sounds of autumn, all as it should be. So many photographs were taken and I will have difficulties to chose from it all.

But here are some of my preferred impressions from the Bayous:

Rising sun

First frost on the roof window

last light in the evening

and in between

The old mare is nearly toothless and it was somehow difficult to find an alternative diet, however by preparing 'une mâche', all grains are soaked in water well in advance, shredding all carrots and apples, we seem to adapt. But she is now terribly skinny as cannot eat any hay anymore and I fear the approach of the cold season.

The chicken have an easy life, out of the three chicks 2 are females and for the black male quickly a new home was found not far away. However, nearly no eggs for the moment.

Whilst EG is working hard, I went to the great event 'Brocante du fil' last Sunday in Sprimont. That was a very good show and seems to me to be very much like the vintage and handmade fairs in the UK. It is held once a year, here are the pictures of what came home with me.

Not only fabric and lace but also threads and other bits, the yellow paper-like pages are more than hundred years old out of old magazines with plenty of initials to chose from.
How cute is that wee thimble in its crocheted basket!

Also 2 black vintage sun umbrellas were found - one in immaculate condition but very difficult to take a picture of, I wonder how to take it in the best angle and with good light conditions. Still so much to learn with my Nikon.

Other than that, I am very busy to not to waste any of this year's precious harvest. So many apples, the Cornish pippins were the first ripe, then came Joseph Musch, Cox Orange, James Grieve and there are still 3 last trees full, we will pick them this week. Then I harvested an enormous amount of quinces, gave some away and am busy to make jelly. Crab apples have been picked today and are now dripping overnight. The medlar has also a nice amount but those need frost before being picked and -luckily- apart from one night or two, we are still in the 'plus' temperatures and can enjoy the Dahlias.

So many distractions! Another passion suddenly grew: vintage Singer sewing machines. All in working order and well running.

There is still a lot to show, but will have to wait a bit longer. The highlight this summer was a 5 day visit to Cornwall, meeting with a dear blogging friend and her husband in Trelissick gardens, what a joy that was! Thank you again, Barbara!

Until next time

3 commentaires:

  1. We still talk about that lovely morning with you in the gardens of Trelissick!
    The pears are very unusual, I wonder if they taste good...obviously the wasps thought so. What a beautiful colour the dahlia is, not something that I have grown this year. How I would love to have come with you to the Brocante!

  2. How wonderful to have fruits in your garden – we only get figs. I love quince jelly but they don’t sell it here. There are many apples for sale in North Georgia and we went there last fall. Here the trees are just turning gold so it will still be 2 or 3 weeks before we see some color. Thanks for coming to my blog while I was away. We just came back a couple of days ago. To answer your question about volunteering in the Fernbank Rose Garden – it is far from our home. We live north of Atlanta and the garden is south-east of Atlanta, about 1 hour on the freeways (about 50 kms one way) and 1 ½ hour during traffic time, plus they really don’t want the roses anymore because of the water bill.

  3. What a treasure cove of pretty things - it sounds as if you have been very busy with your fruit and garden - lovely pictures - we have been busy harvesting our onions and storing our gladioli - our clocks went back last night so now it is dark much earlier in the evening - best wishes - Jane UK