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mardi 13 novembre 2012

Bayou's Autumn Glory

My wonderful EG built a new gate out of pallet wood. Want to join for a stroll around his "parks and garden department"?

Please, come in:

The acer palmatum on the top pool are just at their best

The grilikota (grillhouse) is flanked on the right by the vinegar tree and on its left by the koelreuteria paniculata.

At the opposite end of the grilikota is the wee acer griseum. All those specimens have been carefully selected by EG mainly for their autumn colour. Most of them have been planted over the last 5-8 years.

Turning the back to the acer griseum this is the view up. The mostly red acer palmatum have mainly overgrown the stream from the top pool which leads down to the pond.

EG's passion for trees changes within the years. In the beginning it was maples, then came the more 'rare' specimens, then arrived the magnolias and after that, he discovered chestnuts.

He has now reached the state of apple passion, another TWENTY FIVE have been ordered from Honiton and will have to be collected before spring...

On the left of this picture below is mispulus germanicus, the fruit is eatable once it had frost, can be used in jam. I have made some in the beginning but it is not my preferred taste as it is less 'fruity'. On the right is the paulownia tomentosa. The first specimen had been killed by the voles, this one has its roots now in chicken wire. The slightest frost and all the leaves will be on the floor.

The forest seems so close.

I find the last sweet pea quite disturbing in that autumn colour, it came inside on the bedside table.
Behind in the distance in flaming red is a relatively new oak tree. It has well grown in few time.

The amber tree shows for the first time a good colour display. It is certainly planted since more than 4 years. Everything takes time.

There are also two larches and I would not want to miss them.

This is davidia involucrata (aka the pocket hankerchief tree), one of the gems in EG's paradise.

One needs nearly sunglasses

The sun is enjoyed now whenever possible.

He (or she?) is no more a rare guest but still so difficult to be taken by my camera lense.

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.

The next one will be a bit longer as we have been lucky enough to visit Bodnant gardens in Wales.

4 commentaires:

  1. Wow! What colours - your garden looks wonderful. I'm rather inspired by your planting.

  2. The gate and the autumn splendor in your garden definitely show a real taste of paradise. Bravo to your EG!


  3. I imagined myself walking along the familiar paths around the swimming pond and through the trees - glorious! Your EG is one of the true renaissance men. Is there anything he cannot dream of and then make real for your garden? The colours are beautiful and the views of the forest from your house are a wonderful backdrop to all of it.

  4. Why do you bother to leave this paradise? No garden could be more beautiful than yours.