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mercredi 14 mars 2012

Learning Curve

Progress is today's word!
My new Nikon has arrived and this blog could have been entitled something like "my world through my new lense".
Ready to start?
Here we go:

This weekend's flea market finds. Un pétrin rempli de trésors. It's a kneading trough, complete on its base.

This pair of wonderful stuck (also once from the flea market) got light bulbs inside and illuminates now the piggery.

These people are the piggery guards. (Also flea market finds and quite heavy)

Just a small part of my collection from over the years, guess from where.

For once, the travel teddy is not a flea market find but a gift and the heart with lily of the valley is from Niki at Nostalgia. The picture is from an artist illustrator from around 1920 - EG got a whole collection from him from... a market in the UK.

Aren't those coffee tins nice?

The next two pictures are with mirror effect. In this mirror you can see the cat sleeping on the bed. Btw every item is brought home from brocantes.

This mirror came with EG from the UK and in it reflects the Meissen clock from my mother.

Those next two are also collector's items ;-)

Recent finds which have no home yet due to...

...exciting work in progress. I did not know that a cat can climb ladders like that.

The spiral staircase which was carried back from the UK last year, is nearly in place. Quite a jigsaw job with only loose bits and pieces and no plan. But eventually, it was figured out and by next weekend, it should be standing on its own. We had to order a piece of blue stone to get the height adjusted before it can come off its belts.

I also managed to try to make some spring pictures outside. This is called 'non working horse hiding behind the magnolias'.

This wee snowdrop is a special rare one I got from Wisley last year and am so happy that it is well alive.

Here are two of the various special effects, my new camera is able to do.
Guess where EG's pans were found, one by one ;-) and where might my glasses have been found?

Guess where the bed comes from ;-)

Here are 'before and after of work in progress' pictures.

EG, my hero of recuperation, managed to integrate the old beams from the piggery into what will be his "bar".

More lovely finds but not from brocantes, this time.

TATAAAAA!!! THE JACKPOT! Chest of draws for the craft room. There are even 2 of them and I had to do my trip downtown Liège twice to get them into my car but it was well worth the effort.

EG fixing another beam in the piggery with help of his jack.

If all goes well, the next post will show completed rooms. There will be some last brocante items which have been waiting since several months to receive their final destination in the piggery.

Until next time.

9 commentaires:

  1. What a work of Art that staircase is..I cannot imagine how you managed to put it together.
    I think the chest is lovely,it looks as though it was a printers chest?

    1. Well spotted, they are printers chests, Elizabethd. And to the staircase, I wonder now how we managed to bring it back to Belgium even with 4 people and a shopping tour round Lewes with plenty of treasures in that car.

  2. Bayou, I so admire all that you've shown us through that new lens. Your piggery has truly been transformed.

    What a brocante talent you have!

    Best wishes. xo

  3. Wow what lovely things you have and great pictures, I love all your finds but the printers chests are the best, also your two collectors items are cute, your doggy looks fed up! Julie xxx

  4. The stairs are beautiful and I'll bet you are patting yourself on the back for deciding that they were just the thing!
    Of course I'm guessing where all the goodies came from.....and feeling a little nostalgic!

  5. You have a real shopping talent, A! ;-))

    Such beautiful work on the piggery - I love the piggery guards - fabulous!

    Happy snapping with your Nikon!
    Niki x

  6. I am deeply impressed with all your work. The piggery is looking fab. Also love, love, love your chest for the craft room. I think I need one!

  7. Wow, Bayou, what wonderful pictures. I have some very similar items in my house. Thank you for sharing - and enjoy your fabulous new camera. Looking forward to visiting you again very soon. Thanks so much for visiting me. Suzy ;)

  8. Fabulous pictures Bayou, the happy farmer brought me a new camera for Christmas and eldest borrowed it to go to the beach and a huge wave swept over it and her ipod, killing both :-(, love your clear photos and fabulous finds. The piggery ius coming together and looking good. x