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mercredi 9 février 2011

Autumn in Wisley

Before I am leaving for the next journey to the UK, here are some impressions from RHS Wisley. It was the last garden visit on our escape trip and my friend Georgia had to be left at Gatwick to take her flight to Hamburg whereas I continued to Dover for the ferry.

Admirable long borders were in their best colour show. So many salvias

and still some very nice roses

The perennials were all very tall!

Eventually, we reached the famous greenhouse.

Every corner opened up to a new discovery.

All plants were labeled. This Saxifraga was so highly praised by Georgia. As it was also for sale in the garden center, it sits now in my front garden.

The scabiose 'Ace of Spades' is on my shopping list - perhaps I find some seeds this weekend?

The picture on top right has even captured the visitor :-).

A fantastic last day to close the escape album with.

Luckily, just then the card of the camera was full.

I must come back to Wisley with EG.

4 commentaires:

  1. Gorgeous gardens.
    I had the almost black scabious in my garden last year, but I dont think I remembered to take seeds.

  2. Oh completely gorgeous. I always forget how bright and colourful the flowers of summer can be, it is so dreary and dull here today. Have a good trip

  3. Mamma mia what a marvel that garden,
    and the villa? It 's a dream! But where is it?
    A hug

  4. It will be a long time before Wisley looks like that again.