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jeudi 21 octobre 2010

Escape to the South - Part 1

Here I am. Back from some 6 fantastic days exploring the South of
the UK with my friend from Hamburg. She came by train and we then started next day morning from home in order to catch the ferry in Dunkerque. After our arrival in Portsmouth in the evening we went to a nice restaurant downtown "Pompei" (as it is called by the locals) and next morning we woke up believing we were somewhere in the South of Europe. Dear friend Blossom, our local guide, had ordered the perfect blue sky!

Having enough time, we decided to walk down to the harbour and ferry terminal where we hoped to meet Blossom and her friend.

"Pompei" has character. And it is buzzing and active due to its university. It has, so I find, a "feel-good factor".

Nelson's HMS Warrior can be discovered and Marc Isambart Brunel, the father of THE Isambart Kingdom Brunel, started here his first industrial production chain in 1802.

Coincidentally, I took the picture explaining the story of the mudlarkers and later Blossom explained that her builder had been one of them.

The SPINNAKER TOWER has been inaugurated in 2005 and stands up for the city.

A walk round the harbour.

The picture above shows also the Lipstick Tower, a residential building. When we had happily met with Blossom, we took a pleasant crossing on the ferry to the Isle of Wight.

And found ourselves privileged to visit Blossom's new home on the Isle - with sea view! A wonderful house, having everything one could wish for. And thanks to reliable builders, the progress is steady.

We then visited Osborne House, Queen Victoria's family home. Pictures inside were not allowed and I am thankful for that ----- because at the end of our 6 days trip, the card of my camera was full, 945 pictures.

I wondered if there is an explanation why someone would have a wild boar as an entrance figure to the house? Was that the ultimate idea of a symbole for strength?

Whilst being on an island, she could still have an eye on the empire across the water.

We needed a quiet walk round the gardens to wind down from all these excessive impressions we had had. One third of the house is shown to public and every further room leaves you gobsmacked and overwhelmed. I cannot describe the beauty of the ceilings or the thousands of decorative items in that house. One must go and see it himself.

As I have still no greenhouse, I admired these old leaned-on ones.

The walled garden was of a decent size and certainly would produce plenty of veggies.

After this exciting start, we went back to our hotel and had a lot to "digest".

Dear Blossom, thank you again for that lovely start and honestly, it was such a great beginning for our holiday!

Next day, we started in the early morning to visit East Lambrook Manor garden on our way to Shepton Mallet, Bath and Bristol.

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh its such a long time since I went to Osborne! I think the wild boar had something to do with Albert and heraldry did you enjoy the durbar room and the paintings of her indian servants ( and did you know she had them cook curry everyday incase she wnated one?)

  2. It was wonderful to meet you and Frauke and be able to take you to the Isle of Wight on such a wonderful day. We are off there again in a short while I will update you on the progress.
    Great photo's of my city well done for making it look so good! and saying such nice things about it.
    Love blossom

  3. Fantastic photos, so very different to the surroundings up here, it looks like another world. Lovely that you got to meet up with Blossom too.

  4. What a great trip! You have had some lovely trips this year and I've enjoyed reading about them! You're lucky to have had such a good guide to that part of the world - I'll look forward to part two.