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lundi 2 novembre 2009

The Armchair Travel

Life is great! One thing leads to another and suddenly I find myself totally unforeseen somewhere I have never been before. And I am thankful to live in this century with all its possibilities of fast travelling.

In this case, it all starts with a friend's proposal to buy his (almost) new TV. Some room needs to be made for that. But then, we need a make-over of the place. And as we do things often quite in depth, suddenly the project is huge. And it involves new furniture. Ok, I shall have a look on the internet, if we can make another lucky find. And, unbelievable but true, I find an item and get it! There must be a coincidence that I have become a member of the armchair travellers ;-) suddenly part of it for real! Because this nice, comfy chair is to be picked up from somewhere in the middle of the UK.

As we have nobody near to keep the house, we cannot stay away from the farm for too long. Kind neighbours are willing to look after the animals for a day. There are overnight ferries and finally, we book for a return ferry within the same day for the fabulous amount of 28€/for both of us.

Leaving home at 22.00 h and being back within 29 hours and 1450 km later. We can sleep when we are pushing up the daisies :-))).

We arrive on our preferred island somewhere in the early morning hours, have a quick nap for 2 hours in order to hit the road again direction Shropshire. Initially, we wanted to go through Bridgnorth but my wish to visit Ludlow is realised, as well. In these early hours, it is a pleasure to travel through the UK, the M25 is clear and further onward the traffic is not bad. We drive through that wonderful countryside, autumn at its best, fantastic colours and a gentle sun escorts us all the time. We arrive in Ludlow in the early morning, the shops are opening and I am totally happy to see that all my expectations are fullfilled. What a lovely town!

We love to study the house adverts in the windows and chose a second residence - dream on...

Time must have stand still here

Typical Ironmonger and inside it was quite busy!

Only lovely features, dainty house fronts, nicely displayed shop windows, the market with all its stands.

But the best is often reserved for the last: The family butcher's shop with fresh game!!!

After having done plenty of good to Ludlow's economy, we went to Bridgnorth for to have fish & chips.

I love the river Severn.

And finally it was time to head towards Walsall for to give this one a new home:

When we arrived back to Dover, having lost an hour around Birmingham and another one before the Dartmoor Bridge, we were lucky to catch our ferry on the very last minute. Fortunately, the man from security check who wanted to inspect our car, gave up after short... I wonder why? Eventually we arrived home safe a bit tired but happy. After a good 4 h sleep in the own bed, EG left for work as usual.
The chair has been immediately adopted by the wee cat -
will we ever have a chance to enjoy it ourselves?

5 commentaires:

  1. What an adventure! I love the spontaneity of trips like that!

  2. That seems like a very long way to go for a chair but what fun. As you know (I think) I love Ludlow and it is my mums hopme town so we have many fond memories of adventures there.
    And Walsall isn't far away from where I grew up in Sutton Coldfield so you have really been treading in my footsteps.
    I do hope the wee cat will let you share it!

  3. What a trip, I'm surprised you weren't on your knees at the end of it.
    Ok, so I forgive you for not telling me that you were coming to Ludlow, but I could have taken you to De Grey's for a mid-morning cuppa and a bun.
    Next time I insist that you tell me.

  4. this sounds a jolly good adventure, haven't been to ludlow for ages

  5. I agree with Friko - we are only a few miles from Ludlow!! Next time then!!